How to Handle the Currency Factor

You may not know this, but I have a pretty diverse readership. Roughly 44% of my readers are Americans, 40% is Canadian and 6% coming from Europe. Over the past three years, there was a major concern all readers shared with me; the currency factor. Each time there are important curren

Ensuring Your Site is Mobile-Friendly

Here's how to make sure your site is ready for Google's algorithm changes.

What to Do with this Cash in your Investing Account?

The stock market is trading at its highest level ever; valuation multiples are increasing, it almost smells like food burning in the oven if you ask the “Swan Fans”. I get the following question from my readers almost daily of late: “I’ve an important sum of money sleeping in my cash

Dividend Income Report; The Good… and the Bad

I’m pretty sure you don’t solely read this blog if you are interested in dividend investing. Among your weekly reads, you probably include other great dividend blogs such as the ones I mention on my stock website resource page.   Have you noticed something very common? Most blogg

Split Share Corporations: You May Split More Than Your Return With the Firm Who Sold It

Would you like to invest in a product that pays a 10% dividend yield and is built on banks and other blue chips?   This is what Dividend 15 Split Corp (DFN.TO) offers: a group of 15 companies where you can hold Class A and preferred shares. When I looked at the list of the 15 com

What Would You Do With 10K?

A week ago, it was payday. But not just any ordinary payday, the big one! My year-end bonus was deposited in my bank account. The product of a long and hard year where I truly earned each dollar. Why do I do that? I’ll tell you here; it’s my little secret ;-). I’m not the kind of guy

Buy & Hold – Boring and Outdated Way to Invest?

I’ve admitted it in the past; I’m not the typical dividend investor. I started investing by trading, buying & selling every two weeks while most dividend investors usually buy and hold completing the sale transaction after several years holding their shares. In my opinion, the div

Is $50/Week Enough to Start a Dividend Stock Portfolio?

    We will never repeat this enough; You can never start saving too early! And being a father of three, I can appreciate that savings is not always the top priority when you work on the budget. Not so long ago, I wanted to start a new portfolio for my kids’ education (calle

6 Lessons I’ve Learned through 4 Years of Dividend Investing

    Four years ago, I bought this blog. This was my first move towards dividend investing. I started investing back in 2003 but my first dividend stock was bought in 2010. Over the past four years, I’ve worked on building my own investing philosophy (you can read about it he

New Editing and Media Updates Are Here

From a new grid look in your Media Library to a streamlined Post Editor, the latest updates to your site will make creating and publishing even easier.
July 29, 2014