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The Past 5 Years is Blinding Dividend Growth Investors

It happens all the time; It’s the nature of the beast; We run around in circles, because this is what it is!   This thought crossed my mind while doing stock analysis; I’m being blinded by the past 5 years! The funniest thing about humanity is that we have the benefit of having o

The Pareto Principle Used at Work, at Home and on my Investing Strategy

I first discovered this principle a long time ago when I was doing my bachelor’s degree in Finance. While I spent more time playing Tetris than listening to my teachers, I remembered I stopped everything to listen to this part of the class. The Pareto Principle is named after Vilfredo

Leveraged Money is just an Illusion

Now that the situation in Greece is put back on the oxygen mask for a while, I’ve been reading a lot about the potential contamination problems we could face with regards to Chinese market situation. If you have been following global economic news, you definitely noticed how bad the C

Early Theme Adopters: Gazette

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My Summer Investment To do List

Summer is the perfect time to NOT take a vacation from your portfolio Investors often tend to leave their portfolio “as is” for the period between May and September. First, there is the old saying about selling in May and going away since summer months are not the most profitable on t

Investment Bias 101

As the market is going a bit sideways after a mild earnings season, we are entering the famous “sell in May and go away” period, I thought of revisiting some investment biases we all experience at one point or another. When I did my financial classes, everything seemed so well calcula

Stock Valuation – The Mystery of the Discounted Rate

After offering the Dividend Toolkit at a rebate for the whole month of April, I’ve had many questions about stock valuation, most precisely about the discount rate. The discount rate is used to determine a stock value through the Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) model and the Dividend Disco

There are 3 Words in Dividend Growth

I decided I didn’t have enough from the article I wrote last week about dividend reports. Last week, I knew I was opening a can of worm when I wrote that I don’t understand the importance of tracking my dividend income on a monthly basis. While the discussion was very interesting on t

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