Canadian Biggest Losers: Is it Time to Capture These?

We have been walking in the dark for several weeks. While the market tried to guess where the pandemic would lead the economy, we barely received any data to confirm or deny our hypothesis. We knew jobless claims would skyrocket but that doesn’t tell us how many real jobs will be l

The Invisible Mistake You Keep Making

Warning: this article will not be easy to read for most of you. You will likely deny making this investment mistake. Yet, you keep doing it and losing money without even realizing what’s happening. I’m not reciting classic investing mistakes with some generic solutions. I’m attacki

Tracking your dividend growth is just step 1 of investing with confidence

The past few weeks have been quite hectic on the market. First, the market was going sideways throughout all summer and now that we got some new earnings results, we hit new record highs. Now, everybody’s talking about when this madness will stop. I mean, the market must crash and

[Webinar] How You Can Play The Trade War To Your Advantage

Last month, I’ve went back in time and discussed how I invested all my money back in September 2017. I’ve discussed the process I used to select stocks and build an entire portfolio from scratch. I purchased my first shares (it was Power Corporation (POW)) back in 2003 and track my

Dividends Are Relevant and Can Beat the Market

Are dividends irrelevant? Some index investors think so. However, I think they have their noses stuck in their books and have forgotten about real-life results. Not too long ago, I watched an interesting video on YouTube which claimed that “dividends are irrelevant.” The video come

Why I Don’t Keep Cash and Invest it All

Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work. -Thomas Edison   “Mike, you should keep dry powder (cash) ready. Cash in your portfolio is ready to be deployed when there is an opportunity. Keeping liquidity will make sure you’re rea

When Experienced Women Engineers Look for New Jobs, They Prioritize Trust and Growth

Automattic,'s parent company, set out to learn how to boost applications from women and non-binary developers.

Invest Now, Or Wait? The Results of My Decision

The market is at an all-time high, you have $100,000 to invest, what do you do? Invest now, or wait? I faced this very situation not too long ago: Invest now or wait. $100,000 is a lot of money. I worked very hard to build that nest egg. For a long time, it was growing […]

Video of the Week: Dividend Investing is Fun and Exciting

A couple weeks ago, I wrote an article on Dividend Investing is Fun and Exciting. As a complement to the article, here is a video about Why Dividend Investing is so much fun! What if you could earn money and have fun? I think this is not only possible, it’s now a reality to m

How to Invest a Lump Sum of Money

The arrival of a Lump Sum of money would likely create mixed emotions. It could come from a former employer pension plan, an inheritance, the sell of a property or a business, or simply because you have been sitting on the market sideline for a while and you are now ready to invest