Why You Should Sell Your Losers – Destroy The Breakeven Fairy Tale

“The desire to perform all the time is usually a barrier to performing over time.” ~ Robert Olstein Every single stock I purchase in my account is set for a great future… or so I think each time I add another company to my portfolio! The problem comes when after a few months the st

What Are Utilities and Why You Should Hold Some

Utilities include a bunch of boring yet essential stocks for any retirement portfolio. But what are they exactly? Why should you hold them? What to look for? Today, I do a complete overview of this sector and its five subsectors. You probably know by now that I am French-Canadian a

Protect Your Dividend, Payout Ratios Explained

What is the best and fastest way to determine the ability of a company to pay dividend? The dividend payout ratio, right? Most investors would agree. However, it’s a little more complicated. Today, we’re going to review four types of dividend payout ratios along with th

4 Steps to Build a Solid Investment Thesis

Many readers ask me how I make my sell decisions. I have only three sell rules and most of my transactions are explained by the first one. I sell when: The company doesn’t match my investment thesis anymore. The company cut its dividend (a few exceptions apply amid COVID-19). The c

Disney is Reopening, is it Enough?

On July 12th, Disney reopened Disney World to the public. Unfortunately, we have limited information about how many tickets were sold and what percentage of normal traffic is being experienced. All we know is it wasn’t a grand opening. Only two theme parks (Magic Kingdom and Animal

Techniques to Avoid Dividend Cuts

In my last article, I’ve covered What is a Dividend Trap. So you can avoid a future wave of dividend cuts, I’d like to offer you my three favorite techniques to avoid them. They have been proven to be highly effective in the past. Beside a few exceptions (mostly due to the na

What is a Dividend Trap?

A dividend trap will do two things in your portfolio. First, it will leave you with the impression of safety. The market goes crazy, it creates confusion, it goes up and down, and then you feel safe because you receive your dividend every month or every quarter. That dividend is a

Celebrating Pride Month: Perspectives on Identity, Diversity, Communication, and Change

"Be proud. Be yourself." This month, Automatticians shared what celebrating Pride means to them.