How to Invest a Lump Sum

How to invest a lump sum. What if you buy at an all-time high right before a market crash? It can be an overwhelming anxiety-inducing puzzle. You can mitigate the risks and buy decisively. So, you received an inheritance, sold a cottage or a boat, or ended up with a chunk of cash f

Deluxe Bonds and Dividend Traps

Deluxe bonds and dividend traps are high-yield stocks. Deluxe bonds can play a useful role in your portfolio, but dividend traps can seriously hurt your retirement. Know the difference between them! After writing at length about the qualities of low-yield, high-growth stocks, and t

Low Yield, High Growth Stocks for your Retirement

Dividend investors, do yourselves a favor, consider low yield, high growth stocks for your retirement. See how focusing on dividend yield alone can cost you a lot. A widely held belief is that we need to build a high-yield portfolio for our retirement, then live off the dividend pa

Generate Enough Retirement Income from Your Portfolio

When planning for retirement, you want to be sure you’ll generate enough retirement income from your portfolio. As you retire, you still have plenty of years ahead of you. Let’s make sure you don’t outlive your portfolio, shall we? There are two ways to generate income from your po

Tricks Mike Learned from Other Investors [Podcast]

We have welcomed some of the best DGI and FI guests on the show over the last year or so. These interviews have been generous in inspiration and has opened doors to new ways of thinking for Mike. Today is all about mindsets, strategies, and how you can improve yourself by hearing d

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Stock Buy Checklist to Help You Decide

Do you find yourself hesitating when looking to buy stocks, afraid of buying the wrong ones? Use a checklist to help your stock buying decisions. I use one myself to avoid indecision and paralysis by analysis. How a checklist helps buying decisions Using a checklist ensures the sto