A Guide To Buying Dividend Stocks

There is something fundamentally wrong about the stock market; how do you buy dividend stocks at this valuation? This is what you usually hear when you are about to invest. Interesting enough, I’m writing this article in May 2019, but I could have written it 2 years ago when I inve

Falling Knives… or Opportunities for You to Catch!

Imagine you throw a knife in the air to impress people around you and you try to catch it as it rapidly falls. If you succeed, you look like a pro. If you fail, you will catch the blade and cut yourself. Picking a stock rapidly dropping on the market is like catching a falling [

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I Have to Share This With You; My Largest Webinar Ever!

Let me tell you about my last Thursday. Thursday March 15th, I woke up feeling that I was on top of the world. I hopped in my Porsche and hit the marvelous roads of Costa Rica. I was speeding under the sun, I could feel its warm welcome. The sea, the palm trees, everything was [

Now It’s Time to Sell… 4 Tricks to Know When to Sell

You know what’s as hard as knowing the right time to buy for an investor? Trying the right time to sell! Last week I shared my tricks to get rid of the paralysis by analysis syndrome, which was designed into a series of 6 steps to follow in order to get into the right mindset [R

Aren’t you tired of asking yourself when the right timing to buy is?

Aaaahhh… the largest investment struggle is definitely suffering from paralysis by analysis. You know the feeling that if you wait a little bit longer, you will have a chance to pick-up the right stock at the right price? The market drops by 10%? Wait a little longer; the big crash

The psychological effect of watching a portfolio slowly disintegrate

There is something fascinating about writing. When I target a topic, I get so much inspiration that I’m able to write an entire series. This is exactly what happened during the month of February where I wrote about investing and retirement. You can read the actual series here: The

Top 10 Canadian Stocks for a Retiree’s Portfolio

Last week, I discussed the difference between a retirement portfolio and a retiree’s portfolio. There is a big difference between investing for the future and withdrawing from this investment to live. I put my portfolio on fast forward and took a look at trades I would do to make t

The Portfolio I Would Build if I Retire Today Part II

In my last article, I discussed the first steps to transform a retirement portfolio into a retiree’s portfolio. Today, I’m going to press fast forward on my current pension account and see what changes I would make if I was going to retire tomorrow. Let’s imagine for a minute that

The Portfolio I Would Build if I Retire Today Part I

A few months ago, I’ve received over 100K as the commuted value of my pension plan started working on my retirement portfolio. As the market was trading at an all-time high, I still decided to invest the full proceeds. Keep in mind I’m only 36 and will not be touching this money fo