Video of the Week: 4 Mistakes Retirees Must Avoid

This week’s video is not a regular stock pick. Through my latest webinars and reading through comments I received, I realised that retirees are pretty much left by themselves. There are plenty of content about building your nest egg, but there are very few tips on what to do

We can’t talk about a market correction yet

I understand that the latest market movements have made several investors quite nervous. You worked so hard to save money, you don’t want to see your nest egg melting away overnight. However, what is currently happening is insignificant. In fact, we really can’t even talk about a m

This Bank Lost 50% of its Value and Taught Us All a Lesson We Forgot

After so many years investing in a bull market, we tend to forget things can go wrong. Some people are afraid and stay on the sideline, but most of us keep investing. After all, those who have been waiting since 2012-2015 have already lost an opportunity they will never be able to

Will the Company Still Pay Its Dividend? A Quick Guide to Avoid Dividend Cuts

Exactly a year ago, I started investing the sum of $100,000 in the stock market. It took me about three months to complete my portfolio. Today, 100% of this portfolio is invested in dividend paying stocks. I can’t predict what is going to happen on the stock market, but I decided t

Can a Robo-Advisor Help You Save for the Future?

This is a guest post from Tom Drake at MapleMoney. In recent years, robo-advisors have taken the financial world by storm. Can an algorithm really manage your money as effectively as any other financial professional? While the jury might still be out on that subject, the reality is

The Dividend Cut in Disguise

Things are not always what they seem -The Internet Today I want to discuss every dividend investors’ worst nightmare: a dividend cut. In most cases, dividend cuts are catastrophic. When you think about it, a company would likely save its shareholders from the pain of seeing their i

What Any Millennials Should Read About Investing

Ah! Not enough articles about how you should save and invest money when you are in your 20’s? I decided to write this article because some of my younger readers asked me to. But I bet you don’t want to read another article full of basic investing advice for young professionals, rig

When is the Right Time to Take Profit?

This September is quite a special month and it is not because it will be my birthday soon. Nope, in September we are celebrating a great anniversary: it’s the 10th anniversary of the last market crash. For young investors like me (I’m turning 37), this was the only market crash whe

Portfolio Management: What If?

As you know already, I publish a monthly update of my pension plan portfolio. The idea is to show you, month after month, how I manage my own money using my investing strategy. A long-time reader sent me an email asking me to project my portfolio in the future. Here’s the what if h

Does Age Matter When Investing?

Hey! I’m Mike (you know that already?). I’m 36, turning 37 next month. This means that I was only 27 when the 2008 market crash happened and that I didn’t even have a single dollar invested in the market to watch it drop during the tech bubble or the World Trade Center catastrophe