Can ETFs and Stocks Coexist in a Portfolio?

Can ETFs and stocks coexist in a portfolio and make that portfolio better? ETF or index ETF investing versus do-it-yourself dividend growth investing is always a big debate. You know I favor stock investing, but I keep an open mind. There is room for ETFs even if you invest in stoc

How Sectors and Industries Guide Investors

Sectors and industries help investors understand what they’re buying. That’s a prerequisite for anyone who wants to buy sound investments, observe market turmoil without panicking, act when it’s needed, be successful more often than not with their decisions, and live with a lot les

Cracking the Code: The Ideal Portfolio Allocation [Podcast]

After looking into why low-yield, high-growth stocks matter at retirement and how to find them, we hit an important part of a portfolio: the allocation! Your portfolio allocation explains your returns and its strengths and weaknesses. Don’t overlook it; make it perfect! Go ba

If You Invest in Stocks, You Must Do This Quarterly

One thing I’ve noticed throughout the years is that it is much easier for investors to invest new capital and build a portfolio than to manage it. Our portfolio models at Dividend Stocks Rock are somewhat capped with the number of positions and we don’t invest new capital. This mea

Investing the Canadian Way – Tricks I use to Boost My Returns

Investing as a Canadian comes with it’s fair share of challenges. The first is that we come with a very biased background. We are fortunate to have the Federal Government to set protectionism rules around our banks and our telecom. This situation creates perfect oligopoly whe

The Perfect Portfolio of Assets for Financial Independence

Since June of 2016, I’ve been on the road experiencing the most amazing feeling life can offer us: absolute freedom. For a complete year, I had the opportunity to live like a millionaire. Not in a sense that I was living a life filled by luxury (far from it, hahaha!), but in a sense t

Review in May, Buy in October

As the second earnings season is over, it’s now time to review my portfolio and see how the first part of the year has progressed. As the old sayings goes… “sell in May and go away”, I would rather say review in May and buy in October ;-). After all, if I were to sell […]

My 2014 Year in Review and Portfolio Asset Allocation

A couple of weeks ago, I listed my personal goals for 2015. It will be a very busy year as I expect to retire from my day job in 2016. But besides my personal goals, I also have to take care of my investments! Let’s take a look at how I did in 2014…   2014 Portfolio Review I’m qu

Five Minutes with Steve Blythe

Every so often, we sit down with an Automattician to help you get to know the people who work behind the scenes to build new features, keep Automattic’s wheels turning, and make the best it can be. In this installment, we’re delighted to introduce you to Happiness Engine