When Experienced Women Engineers Look for New Jobs, They Prioritize Trust and Growth

Automattic, WordPress.com's parent company, set out to learn how to boost applications from women and non-binary developers.

Invest Now, Or Wait? The Results of My Decision

The market is at an all-time high, you have $100,000 to invest, what do you do? Invest now, or wait? I faced this very situation not too long ago: Invest now or wait. $100,000 is a lot of money. I worked very hard to build that nest egg. For a long time, it was growing […]

Video of the Week: Dividend Investing is Fun and Exciting

A couple weeks ago, I wrote an article on Dividend Investing is Fun and Exciting. As a complement to the article, here is a video about Why Dividend Investing is so much fun! What if you could earn money and have fun? I think this is not only possible, it’s now a reality to m

How to Invest a Lump Sum of Money

The arrival of a Lump Sum of money would likely create mixed emotions. It could come from a former employer pension plan, an inheritance, the sell of a property or a business, or simply because you have been sitting on the market sideline for a while and you are now ready to invest

Dividend Investing is Fun & Exciting

“If investing is entertaining, if you’re having fun, you’re probably not making any money. Good investing is boring.” -George Soros There is this belief that investing should not be entertaining.  In fact, they say, it should be plain boring. This is probably related to

Making dividend stocks and ETFs work together. 

This is a guest post by Dale Roberts who writes and operates the Cut The Crap Investing blog that helps Canadians find the many paths to sensible low-fee investing.    Mike, aka The Dividend Guy asked my to share my personal experience as an investor as it includes the use of

Sell 33% of your Portfolio – a Step by Step Method

Selling stocks is a common topic discussed among investors. Sell because the company cuts its dividend. Sell because the market is about to crash (definitely my favorite reason). Sell because the stock is overvalued, etc. Those examples discuss more the timing to sell a position to

My Favorite Free Investing Resources

Why should I pay for your services? There are plenty of great free investing websites! If you have the time, the knowledge and the interest of managing your own portfolio, chances are you don’t need anybody else. In fact, there are several great free investing resources for DYI inv

3 Of Our Top High Dividend Stock Selections Now

This is a guest contribution by Josh Arnold with Sure Dividend. Investors in dividend stocks are interested not only in the safety of the payout and growth potential, but current yield as well. This is particularly important for investors that rely upon the income generated from th

What is it to be a Canadian Dividend Investor?

I remember my first trades on the market back in 2003 when I was 22 and starting both my career in the financial industry and my investing journey. I was fortunate enough to avoid high fees from mutual funds and start directly with an online broker account. The first thing I did af