My Favorite Free Investing Resources

Why should I pay for your services? There are plenty of great free investing websites! If you have the time, the knowledge and the interest of managing your own portfolio, chances are you don’t need anybody else. In fact, there are several great free investing resources for DYI inv

3 Of Our Top High Dividend Stock Selections Now

This is a guest contribution by Josh Arnold with Sure Dividend. Investors in dividend stocks are interested not only in the safety of the payout and growth potential, but current yield as well. This is particularly important for investors that rely upon the income generated from th

What is it to be a Canadian Dividend Investor?

I remember my first trades on the market back in 2003 when I was 22 and starting both my career in the financial industry and my investing journey. I was fortunate enough to avoid high fees from mutual funds and start directly with an online broker account. The first thing I did af

Want to See a More Diverse WordPress Contributor Community? So Do We.

More diverse speakers at WordCamps means a more diverse community contributing to WordPress -- and that results in better software for everyone.

Is Investing About Luck? Or Why Dividend Growth Kicks Ass Against All Odds

I’m sure you have a friend that knows everything about hockey, but has never played. He knows about the best strategies and how to use them against specific rivals, but never coached a hockey team in his life. I’m also sure that when you had your first child, many people around you

A Guide To Buying Dividend Stocks

There is something fundamentally wrong about the stock market; how do you buy dividend stocks at this valuation? This is what you usually hear when you are about to invest. Interesting enough, I’m writing this article in May 2019, but I could have written it 2 years ago when I inve

International Dividend Stocks; Do You Really Need Them?

I read about many dividend bloggers who just love international dividend stocks. International companies open the door to additional diversification and growth vectors. Since many international dividend stocks trade on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), it is easy to buy them. In

Should I Go With Dividend Growth Investing or ETFs? An Answer to Ben Felix

A few days ago, a reader asked me what I thought about dividend growth investing vs ETF (index) investing. He referred to an article from the Globe & Mail written by Benjamin Felix. He claimed that dividend investing is nothing but a fairy tale. He described how focusing on div

Sell Now – It’s About Time Someone Tell You This

Should I sell now? That is probably the most difficult question to answer, right? Would you sell now? What would you sell? How would you do it? Which holdings should you keep? Your winners or your losers? I bought this blog back in 2010 and have written over 850 articles since then

Portfolio Fitness; Tricks to Train Your Money To Work Harder

I believe taking care of my portfolio is like taking care of my body. It requires simple actions that are difficult to maintain over the long run. I’ve recently discussed some basic principles to get your portfolio in shape in “How’s Your Beach Money?”. I wanted to go a little bit