Weak Dividend Triangle = Sell? [Podcast]



It’s easy to understand a positive dividend triangle, but how to explain a weak one? This episode was inspired by a webinar attendee who asked what to do with a Dividend Triangle showing a negative EPS. Should you sell on downward trends, red flags, and suspicious numbers? Let’s find answers!

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You’ll Learn

  • We can’t start this episode without a reminder of what is the dividend triangle, which is positive 5-year revenue, EPS, and dividend growth.
  • Mike explains how he uses the Dividend Triangle as a first set of filters to select dividend growers.
  • However, there are times when a good company may show a weaker dividend triangle and this is what we’ll look at today. First, what should we do if one metric goes down?
  • Revenue can fluctuate from a quarter to another. How should investors analyse it?
  • Vero asks the question that inspired this episode. What does a negative EPS growth mean on the dividend triangle?
  • Some companies show a negative EPS growth but remain strong. It is the case for Brookfield Corporation (BN) and TD Bank (TD).
  • What does it mean when dividend growth slows down? Is this a sell sign?
  • The payout ratio is another metric that can help assess the dividend growth health. Mike explains how using the right one will add analysis context for investors.
  • In the end, when does a weak triangle become a sell sign? In short, you need to be able why numbers are going down…
  • Would Mike buy a stock with a weak dividend triangle? Is this a buying opportunity?

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