8 Investing Strategies, What’s Yours?

    You probably work very hard earning your money and putting a few bucks aside. But once your savings grow, you then wonder what to do with it to make it even bigger. What’s the point of having $10,000 sitting in your ING account paying less than 2%, right? This is the

What if The Dividend Payout Ratio Was Bogus? How About Using Free Cash Flow?

  After completing a session of “Dividend Questions from the Mailbag” a few weeks ago, I enjoyed a very interesting discussion with one of my readers, Robert from Dividend Growth Investing. We were looking at the popular way of taking the payout ratio as a good indication to d

Is It Time To Say Goodbye to Canadian Banks and Switch Over to US financials?

    For the past decade and a little bit longer, Canadian Banks have been a model of stable growth and security for investors. Their profits grow at the same rhythm as their dividend growth and they never jeopardized their financial health for the sake of investors’ greed