Joys and Jitters of Growth by Acquisition

In business, growth by acquisition is like the cool kid at the table – it’s flashy, ambitious, and enjoys an elevated status. However, investors beware of the upsides and downsides of this strategy. I always say that offense is the best defense. For that reason, I like

Detect Losers and Find Winners with The Dividend Triangle

We all want our portfolio to perform well, but how? Detect losers and find winners with the dividend triangle. It’s an easy way to understand why stocks underperform and detect other risks in your portfolio, like dividend traps or potential dividend cutters. The dividend triangle a

Stocks to Buy Before Vacation [Podcast]

Summer vibe on the stock market means quieter days, which is the perfect timing to do a quick mid-year recap and explore buying opportunities. Not to mention that many of Mike’s Buy List ideas are up double-digits since he selected them. Digging into his methodology could inc

4 Steps to Build a Solid Investment Thesis

Many readers ask me how I make my sell decisions. I have only three sell rules and most of my transactions are explained by the first one. I sell when: The company doesn’t match my investment thesis anymore. The company cut its dividend (a few exceptions apply amid COVID-19). The c

3 Of Our Top High Dividend Stock Selections Now

This is a guest contribution by Josh Arnold with Sure Dividend. Investors in dividend stocks are interested not only in the safety of the payout and growth potential, but current yield as well. This is particularly important for investors that rely upon the income generated from th

5 Bullet Proof Metrics to Follow for All Investors

About a year ago, I was about to receive a big fat check of $108K from my former employer’s pension plan. I decided to manage this money and build my own retirement portfolio following my dividend growth investing strategy. A lot of investors on this blog were sceptic about my deci

What is the Importance of Past Data in Your Investment Process?

On Tuesday, I explained how I intend to grow a 192K portfolio into 1 million before I retire. After over a decade spent in working, researching and investing in the stock market, I feel well confident that I can make it happen. A fellow blogger, Dividend Geek, pointed out a very in

An Investor Guide for When the Crash is in Your Rear Mirror

Not another article about the market going to crash? Don’t worry; I’m not going to tell you what you already know. I’m not the kind of guy who is passive and cry while waiting. There is an absolute truth that comes with each bull market: it will hit a wall. Market corrections happen a

Top 4 Dividend Stocks to Hold Now

In my latest article, I’ve highlighted 4 popular dividend stocks to sell. As I wrote at the end of this article, I don’t appreciate when people criticize without bringing something on the table. For this reason, I’m offering you 4 interest stock picks for 2017 that could easily replac

Top 4 Popular Dividend Stocks to NOT Hold

Warning: be ready to be shocked by reading this article And I’m ready to take your tomatoes… even though I’m right ???? Instead of making another list of great stock picks, I decided to do the opposite today. I actually wrote about these companies over the past 12 months telling inves