What’s the Right PE Ratio?

    The market is too high, it has to go down…   I bet you have heard this more than a few times recently. Some investment gurus came out of their tombs and are back with their favorite REM song: “This is the End of the World as we Know it”. They had to hide for a few y

4 Reasons to Keep Buying Stocks Now, in a Big Bullish Market

    After the amazing ride we had in 2013, many investors have decided to sell a part of their portfolio and cash out their profits. They did this because they are waiting for the next dip to buy again. The problem is that since the small dip of 5% (where those guys were pro

Journalists Share their Stories on WordPress.com

From the US to Turkey to Brazil, established journalists are using their blogs to enhance their reporting in traditional media.

My Strategy for a Margin Account

    Last Monday, I mentioned the possibility of using a margin account to invest in a TFSA account. To my knowledge, only Questrade offer TFSA margin accounts. It’s kind of counter intuitive when you think about it: why would you borrow money to invest in an account where yo

A Look at a New Dividend Investing Strategy

    For the past four years, I’ve been thinking about investing differently with my dividend stocks. In fact, as soon as I started dividend investing, I thought of adding this strategy to my portfolio. But I couldn’t. It wasn’t the right time for me. This summer could be the

Around the World in 10 Moments

With millions of users around the world, we're an international community of writers, photographers, and more. Enjoy these recent snapshots and soundbites, from Moscow to Cairo.

The Best Thing About Dividend Investing Is…

    I think that I don’t have to convince anyone on this blog that dividend investing rocks. That it’s among the best investing strategies there are over the long term. It produces income and reasonable growth potential. It basically brings to the table what any investor

Five Minutes with Sendhil Panchadsaram

Do you enjoy on-the-go blogging from your iPhone and iPad? Meet Sendhil Panchadsaram, one of the engineers who builds the popular WordPress iOS app.

Should I Buy a Stock at Its 52 Week High?

When I made my last 2 trades back in January (bought Lockheed Martin (LMT) and Gluskin Sheff (TSE:GS)), a reader asked me an interesting question:   Why did you buy 2 stocks at their 52 week high?   While reading the question, I almost felt like an idiot. I mean: who woul

New Themes: Mayer and Axon

It’s Theme Thursday! Today, we have two new themes by two new WordPress.com theme shops: Mayer by Pressware, and Axon by DesignOrbital. Designed by Tom McFarlin, Mayer is a straight-forward, solid blogging theme, built to get out of the way and get you writing. Mayer‘s aut