Should You Pay for Investment Services?

Nope, this is not some kind of fake post to push my service down your throat. It is a real article discussing why you should or should not pay for investment services. You already know that I have a membership service and that I might be biased about this topic. But I don’t think I [&

Canadian Banks Are Your Friends

About a month ago, TD Bank (TD.TO) was caught doing naughty things. They have been accused to push employees selling products clients don’t really need. A bank pushing product sales? Nah, never gonna happen, right? To be honest, I laughed when I read that news. Many journalists jumped

Robo Advisors – Is this the perfect solution

About a decade ago, a weird beast was created on the stock market. A new type of investment product called the Exchange Traded Fund, mostly known by its abbreviation; ETF. Many financial institutions started by laughing and denigrating ETFs to dissuade investors from leaving their exp

Early Theme Adopters: Gazette

Whether you aim for a minimalist or visually rich site, Gazette is a magazine theme that makes your content shine.

My Summer Investment To do List

Summer is the perfect time to NOT take a vacation from your portfolio Investors often tend to leave their portfolio “as is” for the period between May and September. First, there is the old saying about selling in May and going away since summer months are not the most profitable on t

All Sites Protected Against Zero Day Vulnerability

Akismet is protecting all sites against the Zero Day XSS vulnerability.

How to Handle the Currency Factor

You may not know this, but I have a pretty diverse readership. Roughly 44% of my readers are Americans, 40% is Canadian and 6% coming from Europe. Over the past three years, there was a major concern all readers shared with me; the currency factor. Each time there are important curren

Celebrating Poetry, All Month Long

In honor of National Poetry Month, here's a dose of poetry from bloggers across

CRM2 – You Will Finally Know if You Are Getting Fooled by Your Advisor!

Nope, I’m not going to discuss the next Star Wars Movie and hope that R2D2 will be part of it; I will discuss the impact of the no-media-attention-event of CRM2 or Customer Relationship Model Stage 2. For the past couple of years, the Canadian Government has deployed efforts to provid

Split Share Corporations: You May Split More Than Your Return With the Firm Who Sold It

Would you like to invest in a product that pays a 10% dividend yield and is built on banks and other blue chips?   This is what Dividend 15 Split Corp (DFN.TO) offers: a group of 15 companies where you can hold Class A and preferred shares. When I looked at the list of the 15 com