Generate More Income With These Two Retirement Stocks to Buy

Each month, we issue The Mike’s Buy List for our DSR members. They get our best ideas for both U.S. and Canadian dividend stocks. The first Friday of each month, they receive our top 10 growth and top 10 retirement (yield over 4%+) investment ideas. We are still following the

Generate More Income With This Smart Trade

Every quarter, my team and I review our Dividend Stocks Rock portfolios. We use our portfolio booklets (you can find mine here) to analyse a few points such as: Our current sector allocation (ideally less than 20% per sector) Each holding’s weight in our portfolio (ideally an equal

A New Way to Earn Money on

With Recurring Payments, your supporters become your sustainers, and a reliable income stream frees you to push your creative boundaries.

Vietnam for A Family of Five – Lifestyle Design

I booked my airplane tickets! My whole family gets to visit Vietnam for 30 days in January! “You are lucky.” I hear that one all the time…. Or “You must be financially independent?” “Do you live of your dividend income?” And my kids at school hear this one “Damn, you’re rich!” No,

Retirees Make These Fatal Investing Mistakes

Many retirees make costly investing mistakes based on common beliefs or make bad investment decisions based on fear. I think the biggest concern retirees have regarding their portfolio is probably the fear of losing money. The emotional charge linked with managing your portfolio ma

Retirement Vs FIRE: You Got It All Wrong and Both Your Ideas Suck

Retirement is a concept that didn’t age well ~ The Dividend Guy Nope, this is not another article to tell you how those FIRE adepts (Financial Independence, Retire Early) are full of baloney. It’s not an article about how you should shut your mouth and endure your job until you rea

Top 5%+ Juicy Canadian Dividend Stocks

Yesterday, I’ve made my list of my favorite 5%+ yielder on the U.S. market.  Finding solid companies paying high yields is a very difficult task. Many investors think they can simply pull out a filter including a 5 year history and some more metrics and they can build their portfol

My Favorite 5 Stocks Paying a Juicy Yield Over 5%

Each year, they would receive juicy dividends, see their payments increasing and their portfolio growing in value. Wow! This really looks like buying a seafront house in Hawaii for $200K, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, however, many 5% yielders end-up cutting their dividend. A 5% yield

Video of the Week: 4 Mistakes Retirees Must Avoid

This week’s video is not a regular stock pick. Through my latest webinars and reading through comments I received, I realised that retirees are pretty much left by themselves. There are plenty of content about building your nest egg, but there are very few tips on what to do

Portfolio Management: What If?

As you know already, I publish a monthly update of my pension plan portfolio. The idea is to show you, month after month, how I manage my own money using my investing strategy. A long-time reader sent me an email asking me to project my portfolio in the future. Here’s the what if h