Top 5%+ Juicy Canadian Dividend Stocks

Yesterday, I’ve made my list of my favorite 5%+ yielder on the U.S. market.  Finding solid companies paying high yields is a very difficult task. Many investors think they can simply pull out a filter including a 5 year history and some more metrics and they can build their portfol

My Favorite 5 Stocks Paying a Juicy Yield Over 5%

Each year, they would receive juicy dividends, see their payments increasing and their portfolio growing in value. Wow! This really looks like buying a seafront house in Hawaii for $200K, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, however, many 5% yielders end-up cutting their dividend. A 5% yield

Video of the Week: 4 Mistakes Retirees Must Avoid

This week’s video is not a regular stock pick. Through my latest webinars and reading through comments I received, I realised that retirees are pretty much left by themselves. There are plenty of content about building your nest egg, but there are very few tips on what to do

Portfolio Management: What If?

As you know already, I publish a monthly update of my pension plan portfolio. The idea is to show you, month after month, how I manage my own money using my investing strategy. A long-time reader sent me an email asking me to project my portfolio in the future. Here’s the what if h

3 Reason to Keep a 100% Equity Portfolio Until You Die

Last week, I shared my latest dividend income update. I used to be highly against tracking down my dividend income because I’m more interested in my total return than anything else. However, I thought it would be a great idea to show investors that you can invest at the “top” of a

I Have One Year Left Until Full FIRE

On July 1st 2017, I started a new life. I had officially quit my job and start working full time on my dividend investing service Dividend Stocks Rock. On that day, I officially retired from the corporate world, but I didn’t exactly reach F.I.R.E. (Financial Independence and Retiri

4 Stocks for Your Retirement Portfolio

Last week, I’ve introduced you to the 4% rule for retirees. The whole idea to work with this simple rule is to build a portfolio generating over 4% in yield with a dividend growth perspective to beat inflation (about 2%). On July 31st (Today!)DSR will launch 2 retirement portfolios

Podcasting on

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of podcasts — their beautiful storytelling and engaging news delivery add a whole new dimension to the media landscape — and podcasters. We happily support podcast creators, from sponsoring events like Podcast Movement to supp

Retirement: Should You Use the 4% Rule?

While I was going through my research about retirement withdrawing strategies, I’ve seen several articles discussing the 4% rule withdrawing strategy. In general, I’m against pretty much any rule of thumb used or suggested in the investing world as everybody’s situation is unique.