Changes I’ll Do with My Portfolio at Retirement [Podcast]



Portfolio management at retirement seems to be a concern for many investors. And while every situation is unique, we thought of going through the changes Mike will personally do when the time comes. This should give our listeners the points they should consider when starting to draw their retirement plan.

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You’ll Learn

  • Waiting for retirement to plan retirement seems like the best way to panic. Mike and Vero discuss the right time to think about it.
  • Should you postpone your retirement plan changes in a down market?
  • Defining your goal or your ideal retirement is the first step. Mike gives general guidelines and examples of his own dreams.
  • Having a real projection or using free calculators can help in determine if your portfolio aligns with your goal.
    • Free Calculator
  • Mike explains the changes he’ll make with his sector and asset allocation when the time comes.
  • Counting on your dividend payments only is ideal but not necessarily realistic for most of us. Generating income by building a cash reserve from your investment is a good option.
  • In such a case, how would you choose the stocks to sell? Would you start with your best or worst performers? And how much to trim?
  • Is there a place to buy new stocks at retirement? If so, what type of stocks would make sense?

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