Video of the Week: Canadians Stocks We Never Talk About

Recently, I discussed Canadian Dividend Stocks rarely heard about in a webinar. I pulled out an excerpt of this 90min webinar about 5 of the 10 stocks I presented (Andrew Peller (ADW.A.TO), CAE (CAE.TO), Fiera Capital (FSZ.TO), Intertape Polymer (ITP.TO) and Open Text (OTEX.TO)). T

Three Canadian Companies We Rarely Talk About (But Should be in Your Portfolio)

The Canadian Market is a lot more than just banks and energy stocks. There are many great dividend-paying stocks in other sectors, notably in consumer, cyclical and defensive stocks. I’m sharing three good ideas along with their investment thesis. Last week, I wrote an article abou

What is it to be a Canadian Dividend Investor?

I remember my first trades on the market back in 2003 when I was 22 and starting both my career in the financial industry and my investing journey. I was fortunate enough to avoid high fees from mutual funds and start directly with an online broker account. The first thing I did af

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Canadian Bank Ranking Top 8

Over the past 2 weeks, all Canadian Banks reported their latest earnings. If there is one thing that is solid among the dividend investing world,  it’s Canadian Banks! They are evolving in a government protected oligopoly with the opportunity to find growth outside their countries.

5 Canadian Consumer Stocks Rewarding their Shareholders

Five years ago, I created Dividend Stocks Rock. The idea was to build the most comprehensive and effective dividend investing platform. Throughout the past five years, our portfolios have done very well (see for yourself). A key part of this success is attributed to asset allocatio

Top 5%+ Juicy Canadian Dividend Stocks

Yesterday, I’ve made my list of my favorite 5%+ yielder on the U.S. market.  Finding solid companies paying high yields is a very difficult task. Many investors think they can simply pull out a filter including a 5 year history and some more metrics and they can build their portfol

Video of the Week: BCE – The Phone is Ringing, Will You Pick It Up?

As you might have read about it here, I do live webinars and certainly have fun doing so. I have been surprised by the positive interest attendees had towards many of my stock picks. This is how I came to the idea of sharing here some of my “Video of the Week”, during w

Two Canadian Dividend Stocks on Sale

In a nutshell: The latest market drop did not create amazing opportunity because it only dropped five percent. However, there are companies that have decreased to double-digits for a while during this bull market. Here are two of my favorite Canadian stocks that are deeply underval

Looking for Zombies in a Red Market

The market is down and then down again and now it seems that everything is  turning red, right? Even on Twitter, people are quick to remind us about the worst Mondays in history: Source: OddStats Now that we have this wind of panic on the market, it seems that everything you will b