Canadian Low Yield Stocks Even Retirees Will Like

Discover great Canadian low yield stocks even retirees will like because of their solid growth potential. You’re decades away from retirement? They’re great for you too! None of the usual suspects this time though, no Alimentation Couche-Tard, Canadian National Railway, TFI Interna

Get Dividends Every Month with These Canadian Stocks

Get dividends every month! What better way to enjoy a stress-free retirement or to draw an income while travelling the world. Canadian stocks paying dividends every month offer the convenience of monthly income. Budgeting, paying monthly bills, and planning just get much easier. Mo

Best Canadian Dividend Stocks for 2024

What are some of best canadian dividend stocks for 2024? After the eventful year that was 2023, it’s confusing to say the least. Depending on which sectors and markets you were invested in in 2023, you either had a great year or saw your portfolio value decline. As you can se

How to Start Investing – Newcomer Investor Interview [Podcast]

Anthony, aka Newcomer Investor, is proof that anyone can start investing! He created his portfolio in his twenties with no financial background. Driven by his passion, Anthony learned by taking action. He decided to share his path with us, the foundation of his investment and his t

Top 5 Canadian Stocks to Hold Forever [Podcast]

Almost two years ago, we had a stock battle of Canadian and US dividend growers to hold forever. With everything that happened since then, it’s time to look back at those and see if our picks still make sense. Could we leave them in a box for another 10 years without touching

The Best Canadian Aristocrats [Podcast]

The Canadian Aristocrats are different from the US: the company must increase its dividends for only 5 consecutive years… among other lower requirements! Still, many are blue chips, tied to classic Canadian sectors (banks, telcos, energy) that Americans can also benefit from.

Best Canadian Performing Stocks [Podcast]

Today we discuss the best performers on the Canadian market as of mid-June 2022. Some of them are not among Mike’s favorites. Let’s discover why they performed so well and what to expect from these companies going forward. Most of all, is Mike right about his investment