Canadian Low Yield Stocks Even Retirees Will Like

Discover great Canadian low yield stocks even retirees will like because of their solid growth potential. You’re decades away from retirement? They’re great for you too! None of the usual suspects this time though, no Alimentation Couche-Tard, Canadian National Railway, TFI Interna

Best Canadian Dividend Stocks for 2024

What are some of best canadian dividend stocks for 2024? After the eventful year that was 2023, it’s confusing to say the least. Depending on which sectors and markets you were invested in in 2023, you either had a great year or saw your portfolio value decline. As you can se

What Should a Dividend Growth Investor Buy in 2024?

What should a dividend growth investor buy in 2024? What a fascinating situation we are in; still plagued with high inflation—although it slowed down a bit in late 2023, it went back up in the U.S. and possibly Canada in December—and with high-interest rates, yet we might not end u

Detect Losers and Find Winners with The Dividend Triangle

We all want our portfolio to perform well, but how? Detect losers and find winners with the dividend triangle. It’s an easy way to understand why stocks underperform and detect other risks in your portfolio, like dividend traps or potential dividend cutters. The dividend triangle a

Why Ignore Low Yield Stocks when Planning Retirement?

Why do people ignore low yield stocks when planning retirement? In one sentence:  because they complicate retirement planning. Nobody wants to figure out how many shares to sell each year on top of getting their dividends, their pension income and other. “Low yield stocks don’t pay

Low Yield, High Growth Stocks for your Retirement

Dividend investors, do yourselves a favor, consider low yield, high growth stocks for your retirement. See how focusing on dividend yield alone can cost you a lot. A widely held belief is that we need to build a high-yield portfolio for our retirement, then live off the dividend pa

Unlocking My Secret on How to Find Low-Yield, High-Growth Stocks [Podcast]

We continue our series on dividend income with how to find safe low-yield, high-growth dividend stocks. Mike uses 3 main steps and reveals his best secrets to find the perfect dividend growers. Save Yourself the Notepad! Download the Dividend Income for Life Guide! You’ll Lea