Growing 192K to $1M; This is How a Former Private Banker Does It

Summary #1 At the age of 36, I have $192,430 invested for my retirement. #2 I plan to reach the iconic million dollar value by the age of 59. #3 This article is not about more raw calculation numbers, you can do that. #4 This article is about how I will manage my assets to […

How Many Stocks Should I Hold for a 100K Portfolio?

Not too long ago, I’ve shared with you my pension holdings. I’ve received $108K as the commuted value of my pension plan in September and I’m currently in the process of investing the whole amount in equities. So far, I have 14 positions for 76K invested for an average of $5.4K in eac

The Decision Grid for Pension Vs Lump Sum Payment

In today’s work market, chances are you will not retire at your first employer. As weird as it seems, it is now “cool”, or “well seen” if you prefer, to switch jobs once in a while. Apparently, “job hopping” is the new thing among millennials as they keep their job for 4.4 years on av

Part V: I’m Retired, How do I Managed my Portfolio?

This last segment about my retirement planning series (you can read Part I, Part II, Part III and Part IV) is probably the most difficult part to discuss. Retirement is a case by case story. Nobody has the same portfolio, age, retirement plans and capacity. This is why it is so diffic

Part IV: How to Build a Retirement Portfolio

In part III of my retirement guide, I looked at various options to generate a retirement income. I think that one of the most successful ways is to build your own pension plan through a dividend portfolio. The reason why you should do it is quite obvious;  anyone with a bit of discipl

Part III: Who Will Pay For Your Retirement?

In the second part of this retirement guide, I wrote about the million-dollar mark. Is it necessary to be a millionaire to retire? The answer is yes and no. In fact, it all depends on how our retirement income will be structured. If you rely 100% from your portfolio, chances are that

New Theme: AltoFocus

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Part II: Do I Need a Million Dollars to Retire?

Do I need a million dollars to retire? I bet you’ll need more than that! In my previous article, I discussed how the concept of retirement has evolved over time. I ended my article with the small combination of factors that will influence how you will live the rest of your life. There

A Friendly Guide to Retirement Part 1: What is Retirement Anyways?

During the upcoming weeks, I’ll publish articles as part of a series about retirement planning. Please let me know if you have any comments or questions about this topic. The most common reason to start investing is to build a nest egg for our retirement days. Believe it or not, the c

RRSP Strategies I Like

We are already in February and if you have been too busy with your 2017 resolutions, you may have forgotten the RRSP season is about to end soon. February is the last month you can contribute to your Registered Retirement Savings Plan. This Canadian program has been created to help yo