October Dividend Income Report

Am I really doing this? After explaining why I dislike dividend income reports, I’m jumping on the train… But I decided to do it for one specific reason: I want to track my performance from scratch. In September, I started investing 100K in the stock market. This is the result of the

Selling SNC Lavalin & Buying Amazon

Back in April 2015 I made a bold move in my portfolio; I sold ScotiaBank (BNS.TO) to buy SNC Lavalin (SNC.TO). Many readers weren’t too sure about this move, but I’ve proven that I was right 2 years after the trade: Source: Ycharts While SNC outperformed BNS all the way, it is clear o

Can Dividend Stocks Crash?

Are Dividend Stocks too good to be true?   I’m a fierce defender of dividend growth investing. For the record, my portfolio is 100% invested in dividend paying stocks. Still, I think it’s time to wonder if a dividend bubble is about to bust… Dividend Growers to the top The popula

Inclusive Illustrations, By Design

I like to think that designers solve problems, while artists ask questions. And when the two go hand-in-hand, real magic happens. Why? Because the right question gets answered with the right solution — art asks, and design responds. Here at Automattic we were extremely fortunate to re

Best 2017 Dividend Stocks Review

After a little bit more than 3 months on the stock market in 2017, we have already experienced our fair share of emotions. While the U.S. market peaked at +7.02% on March 1st, investors’ enthusiasm is fading away as the market is now up only +4.03% as at April 16th (yes, I’m writing t

Valuation Model When The Market is Too High

Investing new money in the stock market hasn’t been an easy task for the past 2 years. We ran into our first market dip in 2016, boiled by investors’ worries. Then, clouds disappeared and opened the space for more sun to shine over the stock market. This is how both markets finished 2

My 2016 Dividend Growth Report – Or How a Low Yield Portfolio is a Good Thing

As is the case each year, I make a few transactions in my portfolio. As you may already know, I do very little tracking of my investing performance throughout the year. I’ve already discussed why I see little interest in reporting my dividend income and I prefer to measure my performa

I’m Selling Wal-Mart and You Should Too

I’ve been thinking about it for a while, but now my mind is made up; I’m selling my shares of Wal-Mart (WMT). This is not a decision to be taken lightly. After all, Wal-Mart has continuously shown a strong dividend payment profile with 41 consecutive years with a dividend increase. Wa

After 9 months this year, I’m Beating The Market

Since 2012, I’ve initiated a tradition on this blog. Each year, I make a selection of 20 U.S. dividend growth companies and 10 Canadian ones. The goal is to build two portfolios of strong holdings that will beat the benchmarks. I’ve always used the same benchmark for the past four yea

What 10 Years of Data Shows About High Yield and Low Yield Dividend Stocks

Last week, I started some work on the difference between a low yield and high yield portfolio. My first conclusion was that for a limited investment horizon (less than 20 years), the high yield portfolio seems to be the better option. In other words, this is a good rationale for retir