Insights into Military & Aerospace and Banks – Subsectors Series [Podcast]

The Military & Aerospace and Banks industries are two serious ones. They both involved a lot of money. Yet, one shows excellent contenders in the US, while the other thrives better in Canada. What should investors know about these subsectors? Which companies deserve your attent

From Chips to Chatter: Telecoms and Semiconductors Landscape – Subsectors Series [Podcast]

The Communication Services and the Information Technology sectors have significantly evolved in recent years. More specifically, Telecoms and Semiconductors have faced many challenges. What are the pros and cons of these industries? Which companies should investors dive into? What

A Deep Dive into Groceries and Restaurants: Pros, Cons, Best Stocks – Subsectors Series [Podcast]

How do industries help investors diversify their portfolios? What are the main strengths and weaknesses of the Consumer Discretionary and Cyclical sectors? More specifically, what are the characteristics of the grocery and restaurant subsectors? Learn the pros, cons, and best stock

Unveiling the Dynamics of Pipelines and Utilities: Pros, Cons, Best Stocks – Subsectors Series [Podcast]

It’s one thing to know the 11 sectors, but it’s another to understand what each subsector does and how you can benefit from it as an investor. This first episode of our subsector series unveils the dynamics of pipelines and four industries of the utility sector. Learn a

What Makes a Hold-Forever-Stock

What makes a hold-forever-stock, one to hold for 10 years or more, forget about, and sleep soundly? Let’s go over the qualities of a hold-forever-stock and then reveal some of my picks. First, let’s be clear. This isn’t about timing. I’m not saying that my selections are great buys

The Best Dividend Achievers [Podcast]

The Dividend Achievers show a minimum of 10 consecutive years with a dividend increase. They include Aristocrats and Kings. With 370 stocks, the broader list is an excellent place to start your research. That doesn’t mean they are all good to buy. This is why we’ve high

Best Opportunities from the Dividend Rock Star List [Podcast]

Should you have some money left to invest, we got some rockstar ideas! The Dividend Rock Star list shows over 300 stocks. We decided to pull out the best ideas for three categories: classics, good opportunities, and high yields. There is undoubtedly something for you among these 22

Top 6 Stocks for 2023 [Podcast]

If you didn’t do it yet, it is time to update your buy list and know what to buy in 2023. To help you out, we have pulled out 6 stock ideas from 6 different sectors. These should do well this year and be great in the long run! Subscribe to the Free Webinar! Download […]