Worry-Free Retirement with Kyle Prevost [Podcast]

It’s been a few months that we didn’t have a guest on the show, and today is the day! We welcome Kyle Prevost, a personal finance teacher and an online entrepreneur. He is well-known for his blog Million Dollar Journey and the Financial Canadian Summit. Today, he shares his life as

Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Investing [Podcast]

It’s been 20 years since Mike started investing! However, dividend growth stocks were not his first choice. Today, we look back and discuss what he wishes he knew when he started 20 years ago. Do you share some lessons in common? Let us know what you’ve learned as an investor

Tricks Mike Learned from Other Investors [Podcast]

We have welcomed some of the best DGI and FI guests on the show over the last year or so. These interviews have been generous in inspiration and has opened doors to new ways of thinking for Mike. Today is all about mindsets, strategies, and how you can improve yourself by hearing d

Everything Irrelevant to Dividend Growth Investing [Podcast]

Mike has a different perspective on some sides of investing that can be refreshing or thought-provoking for many. The goal here is not to destroy others’ strategies but rather to open the doors to new ways of investing in the hope it can empower you. Download our the Dividend Rock

Dividend Growth Investing with European DGI [Podcast]

European DGI shares much in common with Mike: a long-term perspective, a clear investment strategy, and a focus on the investment thesis. Still, a similar investment strategy can be interpreted differently; this episode has concrete examples. Here’s an exciting chat between t

Changing the Narrative: New Black x Tech Stock Photo Collection

Automattic’s Cocoamattic ERG Partners with Nappy.co to release a collection of 90+ images featuring Black people interacting with technology.

Too Rich to Be Stressed – An Interview with Dividend John [Podcast]

 After 20 years of investing, Dividend John has a portfolio of 1.4 million generating 65K in dividends. From a young age, he knew he wanted a comfortable financial situation and achieved it with a simple, straightforward, easy-to-apply strategy. Today, the successful investor share

The Most Dangerous Investment Strategies [Podcast]

Many investment strategies work… some others not so much! Bad years may lead investors to search for miracle solutions or shortcuts to make money. So today we will discuss the most dangerous investment strategies in the hopes that you won’t fall into them. Download the DSR Re