My Take on 35 Stocks Puzzling Investors – Part 2 [Podcast]

Last week, we started sharing Mike’s thoughts on 35 stocks that are puzzling investors. There was so much to cover that we were not able to finish, so here is part 2! Stop hesitating on banks, groceries and restaurants, railroads, and more! Get the chance to ask YOUR question

My Thoughts on 35 Stocks – Part 1 [Podcast]

Many stocks have caused investors headaches this year. We’ve pulled out 35, which we keep receiving questions about. Similar to what we do in our live webinar Q&A session, Mike shares his thoughts on telcos, healthcare, REITs, utilities, and more! Get the chance to ask YO

Is It Time to Sell Your REITs? [Podcast]

Most REITs are not doing so well this year, up to the point that many investors wonder if they should sell them. Is real estate still a good investment or is it dead money? Let’s see what’s happening with the REIT sector! Download the Dividend Rock Stars List and Start Your Researc

What’s a Covered Call and Should You Do It? [Podcast]

In simple words, Covered Calls are contracts made on options to create income. But it’s a little more complicated than that… How are they performing? Do they provide the income you need? Are they safe? What are the tax implications? We’ve received so many question

10 Years Later, DSR Still Solves Investors’ Main Struggles [Podcast]

As the last episode of the Dividend Income for Life series, we share the Dividend Stocks Rock story and how it has become the best investment tool for dividend growth investors. The reason is quite simple: DSR solves the investors’ main struggles: How and When to Sell, How and When

Cracking the Code: The Ideal Portfolio Allocation [Podcast]

After looking into why low-yield, high-growth stocks matter at retirement and how to find them, we hit an important part of a portfolio: the allocation! Your portfolio allocation explains your returns and its strengths and weaknesses. Don’t overlook it; make it perfect! Go ba

Unlocking My Secret on How to Find Low-Yield, High-Growth Stocks [Podcast]

We continue our series on dividend income with how to find safe low-yield, high-growth dividend stocks. Mike uses 3 main steps and reveals his best secrets to find the perfect dividend growers. Save Yourself the Notepad! Download the Dividend Income for Life Guide! You’ll Lea