The Story Behind High-Risk Tolerance [Podcast]

So far, 2022 surely tested your risk tolerance. But what does mean to have a high-risk tolerance? Is it a personality trait or something that comes through time? Is it linked to your self-confidence? How can it help you as an investor and how should you assess it? When is it too mu

How to Reach Your Financial Goals with Mental Models – Liquid Interview [Podcast]

Liquid has created a net worth of $2M in only 14 years of work-life but he doesn’t talk about numbers at all. Rather, he insists on mental models and the philosophical approach needed to accomplish any investment or financial goal. Here is his story as well as his best tips to reac

Take Bookings, Set Up Subscriptions, and Automate Your Store With New Premium Plugins?

Premium plugins help you achieve important website goals. We've hand-picked a few of the most popular plugins that put extra power in your hands.

The Best SAAS Stocks [Podcast]

There’s nothing like recurring revenue and this is what SAAS businesses are all about! Part of the Technology sector, these companies are easy to understand and can be a great source of growth in one’s portfolio. Here are the best dividend SAAS! Want more ideas? Downloa

6 Companies that Lost Their Magic Touch [Podcast]

These 6 well-known companies used to have it all! They were leaders in their industry, the market loved them, and investors were craving to get them. However, the story looks different now. Their stock price went down and many investors are worried. Did they really lose their magic

Introducing WordPress Starter: Make Your Mark

Every site starts with an idea. WordPress Starter is a new, beautifully pared-back plan designed to put that idea center stage. For just $5/month. Like the WordPress Pro plan (more on that below), WordPress Starter brings you the fastest WordPress managed hosting on the planet. Unlimi

It’s Going to Hurt, Stay Invested [Podcast]

The market has gone sideways for a while: Russian sanctions, outbreaks, inflation, and interest rates don’t help. There are also concrete signals that the worst is ahead. We could live in denial, but we chose to discuss why a recession may be upcoming and help you be prepared

Stock Buy: The 5 Most Important Points [Podcast]

What does “Doing your due diligence” really means? What should you do to avoid buying a stock that does not suit your investment plan? Today, we guide you through the due diligence process with the 5 Most Important Points before buying. We have 6 Top Stock ideas for you

How Did Mike Build His Smith Manoeuvre [Podcast]

You’ve made up your mind and would like to use your home loan to create wealth? Canadian investors can transform their mortgage into a tax-deductible loan with the Smith Manoeuvre. But then, what? How to proceed? Which rules should you set yourself? Mike shares his best tips

ESG Investing: Possibilities and Limits [Podcast]

Are your values and investment aligned? Can you make a difference by investing in socially responsible companies? Are such businesses easy to find, and can you make money with them? Today, we talk about the possibilities and also the limitations of ESG investing. Don’t miss o