The Best Dividend Achievers [Podcast]

The Dividend Achievers show a minimum of 10 consecutive years with a dividend increase. They include Aristocrats and Kings. With 370 stocks, the broader list is an excellent place to start your research. That doesn’t mean they are all good to buy. This is why we’ve high

Best Opportunities from the Dividend Rock Star List [Podcast]

Should you have some money left to invest, we got some rockstar ideas! The Dividend Rock Star list shows over 300 stocks. We decided to pull out the best ideas for three categories: classics, good opportunities, and high yields. There is undoubtedly something for you among these 22

Top 6 Stocks for 2023 [Podcast]

If you didn’t do it yet, it is time to update your buy list and know what to buy in 2023. To help you out, we have pulled out 6 stock ideas from 6 different sectors. These should do well this year and be great in the long run! Subscribe to the Free Webinar! Download […]


Communication Services Sector: There is More than Just the Wireless!

When you think of the communications services sector, you may automatically think of AT&T (T), Verizon (VZ), BCE (BCE.TO) (BCE), or Telus (T.TO) (TU). Those companies are praised by income seeking investors as they pay high yields and have shown consistent dividend growth. Whil

Consumer Cyclical: The “All-You-Fit-In” Sector and How to Get the Best of It!

As investors, we all want the best for our portfolio. We want to make the right decisions and invest in the right stock. One factor with great influence on both your total investment returns and our portfolio volatility is our sector allocation. Today, I’ve decided to dive in

Invest for the Future: Best Renewable Energy Stocks

Surprisingly enough, renewable energy stocks are not part of the energy sector; they are considered as utilities. It is no secret, renewable energy stocks are becoming more popular due to the environmental concerns around the globe. Today, I discuss the four stocks I consider as th

My Favorite Dividend Articles of 2019

As you read this post, I’m adding the final touch to my trip to Vietnam. I will start the year on a strong note as we are doing a family trip to this beautiful country for the entire month of January! I will keep writing on this blog and will post update of my trip […]

Two Dividend Stocks Being Beaten Up For The wrong Reasons

Investing when the market is high is not a simple task. You may think you found the right company, but the stock is clearly overvalued. Therefore, you wait until the market offers you an opportunity. With one of the strongest starts of the year in the modern stock market history, i

Best 2019 Dividend Stocks Revisited Q1 Update [4 of my picks included]

Have you taken a look at my best 2019 dividend stock picks yet? I have a tradition going on this blog (and now it’s at DSR) since 2012. During the month of November and December, I go on a long research journey to identify dividend stocks that show great short-term potential. The i

Safe Stock Picks for 2019 & Happy Holidays!

It has been a busy month, but I can finally relax for a couple of weeks! We have rented a vacation property to celebrate Christmas with my sister-in-law’s family. This will be awesome to watch all the kids running around the house! I wanted to leave you with a few good reads