Stocks Sold: A Look Back at Mike’s Trades [Podcast]



There are three main good reasons to sell. How has Mike’s buy-and-sell process served him so far? Was he right to sell Disney (DIS), McDonald’s (MCD), Andrew Peller (AW.UN.TO), or Algonquin (AQN)? Here’s a look at these and more of Mike’s trades and what investors can learn from them.

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You’ll Learn

  • Before we dive into the companies, Mike reminds us of the main reasons for selling your shares: investment thesis & dividend triangle, dividend cut, and trimming.
  • Mike used to be a big fan of Disney (DIS). In 2020, it suspended its dividend due to the pandemic, shutting down its principal business activities. After three years of waiting for a dividend, Mike sold his assets at the end of 2023. However, Disney has now reinstated a small dividend payment. Does he still believe his decision was the best?
  • The pandemic also greatly impacted CAE, leading the company to suspend its dividend. Again, Mike sold his shares in late 2023 since they no longer fit his investment thesis. A couple of months later, how does he look back at this trade, and what are his current thoughts about CAE?
  • Mike waved goodbye to Andrew Peller (AW.UN.TO) some years ago because of significant changes in its business model. How is the company doing now? Was it a good move to sell?
  • Mike sold Algonquin (AQN) about a year ago. Still, he keeps getting asked about its potential recovery. So Vero asked a different question this time. With AQN as an example, what would make him interested in looking back at a company he sold?
  • Despite its dividend king title, 3M doesn’t show the same glow it used to have. How does Mike look back at it?
  • Mike sold his shares of McDonald’s (MCD) a while back. Does he consider his decision a mistake?
  • The last is a company that Mike likes. However, he still sold his shares. Why did he buy Gentex (GNTX), and what made him sell it?
  • Mike ends by sharing his best tips for selling and never looking back.

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