How Yarnnakarn Ceramics Uses to Expand Their Business

Our community team recently traveled to Bangkok, Thailand to meet with longtime customers Karin and Nok Phisolyabut. They’re the owners of Yarnnakarn, a small arts and crafts studio that specializes in telling stories through contemporary ceramic pieces. Part of wh

Beware of Those Mistakes at Retirement [Podcast]

We all make mistakes. But what if you could avoid some by identifying them before it’s too late? Here are common mistakes retirees do with their portfolio, why they harm your retirement plan and what you can do to avoid them. Download the Enbridge and TC Energy Full Report fo

Changes I’ll Do with My Portfolio at Retirement [Podcast]

Portfolio management at retirement seems to be a concern for many investors. And while every situation is unique, we thought of going through the changes Mike will personally do when the time comes. This should give our listeners the points they should consider when starting to dra

Top 5 US Stocks to Hold Forever [Podcast]

If you had only 5 US Dividend Growth Stocks to pick and hold for the rest of your life, which ones would make you richer? Mike and Vero did that exercise two years ago. Do their picks still make sense? And who did better? Mike or Vero? Wondering How to Handle this Volatile Market?

Top 5 Canadian Stocks to Hold Forever [Podcast]

Almost two years ago, we had a stock battle of Canadian and US dividend growers to hold forever. With everything that happened since then, it’s time to look back at those and see if our picks still make sense. Could we leave them in a box for another 10 years without touching

The Best Canadian Aristocrats [Podcast]

The Canadian Aristocrats are different from the US: the company must increase its dividends for only 5 consecutive years… among other lower requirements! Still, many are blue chips, tied to classic Canadian sectors (banks, telcos, energy) that Americans can also benefit from.

The Best Dividend Achievers [Podcast]

The Dividend Achievers show a minimum of 10 consecutive years with a dividend increase. They include Aristocrats and Kings. With 370 stocks, the broader list is an excellent place to start your research. That doesn’t mean they are all good to buy. This is why we’ve high

10 Stocks I Would Never Invest In [Podcast]

There are no maybes with Mike. He likes a company or he doesn’t, but he can state all the reasons why: whether it be the business model, the weak dividend triangle, or simply a better option available. Today’s episode might challenge some of your holdings, and you might

Why I’m Not a Millionaire [Podcast]

On top of being a knowledgeable dividend growth investor, Mike is a passionate entrepreneur. These should be keys to creating wealth and being a millionaire. Yet, he is not. Why is it so? Is Mike that bad at saving? Does he have extravagant spending? What are his financial and reti