4 Tools to Buy and Sell With No Regrets [Podcast]



You’re not alone. Among the thousands of investors we talk with yearly, the main struggle remains how or when to buy and sell. So today, we’ll share four tools (and a bonus!) to do it without regrets!

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You’ll Learn

  • While we’ll use some Dividend Stocks Rock tools, investors can find free alternatives or build their own. Mike did exactly this when creating his membership website.
  • A stock screener is the first tool that can ease your buy-and-sell struggle. What should a good stock screener be made of?
  • How do you use the Stock Screener to buy stocks? Mike likes to first keep it broad and then narrow it down.
  • On the other hand, the stock screener is really helpful in finding replacements for the stocks you hesitate to sell.
  • Another tool that can bring excitement when stock picking is a comparison tool. When metrics are disclosed side by side, it’s easy to decide. We even did a whole episode, which you can retrieve here.
  • It’s important to remember that a stock comparison tool works best for stocks in the same sector or industry.
  • How would investors use it to help their selling decision? It’s actually the ideal tool to clean up your portfolio!
  • A portfolio dashboard can help you quickly identify your strengths and weaknesses by providing a clear and concise image. Mike explains how it helps investors.
  • Mike believes that the visual component, projection metrics, and easy navigation are key features of a portfolio dashboard.
  • How does it prevent investors from falling into analysis paralysis? Well, it shows within minutes if you respect your own rules…
  • The fourth tool is probably the easiest to find for free: it’s about reading quarterly earnings reports or calls. What type of info can we find in them?
  • Following quarterly earnings validates your thesis, gives you a better understanding of the company, and allows you to take mental notes.
  • Mike often talks about how the narrative has to match the numbers and vice versa. What does he mean exactly?
  • There’s one more tool we wanted to add as an extra, and it is AI! Artificial intelligence can help investors get quick outlines of earnings or can define acronyms and financial terms.

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