Best Stocks to Hold for the Recession [Podcast]

During a recession, it is not time to change your entire investment plan. But if you need to rebalance, sell some losers, or if you have money to invest, which stocks to buy? Today we thought about giving you ideas of good recession performers. Download the Dividend Rock Star List!

Dividend Growers Lists: Where to Find Good Stocks? [Podcast]

As dividend growth investors, we all like dividend increases. Wouldn’t it be perfect to have a list of the most amazing dividend growers and just pick some from the basket? Those lists exist, but today we’ll discuss their pros and cons and share our safe list! Download the Di

I Hate Bitcoins, But I Like Crypto [Podcast]

We hear about Bitcoins and other Cryptos all the time… mainly from the ones that made a lot of money with them! As they are part of the investment world, here’s a guide to help investors understand what it is, what it is used for, the pros and cons, and Mike’s opi

What’s on My Buy List? [Podcast]

They say to buy when there’s blood on the streets. Well, the road is quite red lately! It is not time to run away from investing, but rather to stay the course by grabbing some opportunities. Here are some dividend growers that Mike would buy and keep for many years! Which on

Share Blog Posts to Telegram With WordPressDotCom Bot

Wish you could share new blog posts to a Telegram channel automatically? Now you can with the WordPressDotCom Bot for Telegram. Here's how it works.

FIRE, Fat FIRE, or Lifestyle Design [Podcast]

Most people retire at around 60-65 years old. Many investors know about the FIRE movement but might find it hard to achieve. But did you ever think about your own retirement design? What are the pros and cons of each option and which one is best suited for you? And what’s the

The Story Behind High-Risk Tolerance [Podcast]

So far, 2022 surely tested your risk tolerance. But what does mean to have a high-risk tolerance? Is it a personality trait or something that comes through time? Is it linked to your self-confidence? How can it help you as an investor and how should you assess it? When is it too mu

How to Reach Your Financial Goals with Mental Models – Liquid Interview [Podcast]

Liquid has created a net worth of $2M in only 14 years of work-life but he doesn’t talk about numbers at all. Rather, he insists on mental models and the philosophical approach needed to accomplish any investment or financial goal. Here is his story as well as his best tips to reac

Take Bookings, Set Up Subscriptions, and Automate Your Store With New Premium Plugins?

Premium plugins help you achieve important website goals. We've hand-picked a few of the most popular plugins that put extra power in your hands.

The Best SAAS Stocks [Podcast]

There’s nothing like recurring revenue and this is what SAAS businesses are all about! Part of the Technology sector, these companies are easy to understand and can be a great source of growth in one’s portfolio. Here are the best dividend SAAS! Want more ideas? Downloa