What is Total Return and Why Does it Matter [Podcast]

We have often heard Mike say that he has a total return approach. But what does it really mean? What’s the total return’s definition and role? And if Mike focuses on total return, why doesn’t he pick companies showing higher capital gains that don’t pay dividends? All t

Tricks Mike Learned from Other Investors [Podcast]

We have welcomed some of the best DGI and FI guests on the show over the last year or so. These interviews have been generous in inspiration and has opened doors to new ways of thinking for Mike. Today is all about mindsets, strategies, and how you can improve yourself by hearing d

3 D’s of Retirement: Dividend Yield, Dividend Safety, Dividend Income [Podcast]

We hit three aspects of dividend investing crucial for many retirees: Dividend Yield, Dividend Safety, and Dividend Income. We’ll go through what they really mean, their role in one’s portfolio, which metrics to follow and how to improve or protect them. Improve your Portfoli

Lessons Learned from Inflation and High-Interest Rates [Podcast]

After the quick pandemic market crisis, we saw discussions about high inflation and higher interest rates. It has been around us since then. What’s to learn from it? How should investors adapt and manage their portfolios in such an environment? It’s not time to change your st

Who is Vero and How Does She Invest [Podcast]

For this episode, Mike and Vero switch chairs! Who is The Dividend Girl? What is Vero’s background, how did she start investing, what types of stocks appear in her portfolio and how does she select them? This is what she’ll share with us today! Get your Investment Plan

Stocks to Buy Before Vacation [Podcast]

Summer vibe on the stock market means quieter days, which is the perfect timing to do a quick mid-year recap and explore buying opportunities. Not to mention that many of Mike’s Buy List ideas are up double-digits since he selected them. Digging into his methodology could inc

Everything Irrelevant to Dividend Growth Investing [Podcast]

Mike has a different perspective on some sides of investing that can be refreshing or thought-provoking for many. The goal here is not to destroy others’ strategies but rather to open the doors to new ways of investing in the hope it can empower you. Download our the Dividend Rock

Things Investors Do That Drive Me Crazy [Podcast]

While Mike loves to help other investors, patience is not necessarily his virtue. Sometimes, he wonders why investors do what they do… not because he believes he knows it all, but rather because he has strong conviction. Let’s put that to the test today and see how good