Generate Enough Retirement Income from Your Portfolio

When planning for retirement, you want to be sure you’ll generate enough retirement income from your portfolio. As you retire, you still have plenty of years ahead of you. Let’s make sure you don’t outlive your portfolio, shall we? There are two ways to generate income from your po

Tricks Mike Learned from Other Investors [Podcast]

We have welcomed some of the best DGI and FI guests on the show over the last year or so. These interviews have been generous in inspiration and has opened doors to new ways of thinking for Mike. Today is all about mindsets, strategies, and how you can improve yourself by hearing d

New Free Course—Newsletters 101: From Basics to Automation and Monetization

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Stock Buy Checklist to Help You Decide

Do you find yourself hesitating when looking to buy stocks, afraid of buying the wrong ones? Use a checklist to help your stock buying decisions. I use one myself to avoid indecision and paralysis by analysis. How a checklist helps buying decisions Using a checklist ensures the sto

Lessons Learned from Inflation and High-Interest Rates [Podcast]

After the quick pandemic market crisis, we saw discussions about high inflation and higher interest rates. It has been around us since then. What’s to learn from it? How should investors adapt and manage their portfolios in such an environment? It’s not time to change your st

7 Reasons We End Up With Loser Stocks, What To Do About It

So, you have stocks in your portfolio whose value has dropped. It happens to all of us. No sense beating yourself up about it. This does not mean that it’s OK to ignore them. What you must do is find out why your losers are, well, losing. The reasons will help you decide what to do

Everything Irrelevant to Dividend Growth Investing [Podcast]

Mike has a different perspective on some sides of investing that can be refreshing or thought-provoking for many. The goal here is not to destroy others’ strategies but rather to open the doors to new ways of investing in the hope it can empower you. Download our the Dividend Rock

Should You Average Up? Down? – A Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) Discussion [Podcast]

One question that always comes back during times of high volatility is “Should I average up? Down?”. What is Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) and how to use to your advantage? This is what we’ll discuss in this episode! Watch the How to Handle Volatility Webinar Replay Now! You