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We have welcomed some of the best DGI and FI guests on the show over the last year or so. These interviews have been generous in inspiration and has opened doors to new ways of thinking for Mike. Today is all about mindsets, strategies, and how you can improve yourself by hearing different opinions of ways of investing.

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You’ll Learn

  • Our very first guest Tracy Ma from Financial Nirvana Mama. Tracy is passionate about real estate investment and she’s into the FIRE movement. She also shares a similar lifestyle with Mike. While he didn’t apply them yet, Mike learned many tricks on real estate from Tracy. Having a “why” was also enlightning to him.
  • Liquid has created a net worth of $2M in only 14 years of work-life but he doesn’t talk about numbers at all. Rather, he insists on mental models. His focus was very inspirational for Vero and Mike, who also took note on the different types of leverage discussed.
  • Bob Lai, aka Tawcan, and his wife started building their dividend portfolio in 2011. It now generates over $3,400 in dividends per month. Mike admits that he would have to learn from his frugality.
  • Dividend John has written a book called “Too Rich to be Stressed”. He’s a seasoned investor who has a portfolio of 1.4 million generating 65K in dividends. Him and Mike had a friendly fight about John’s limited number of positions in his portfolio while holding all the big 6 Canadian Banks (on 10 holdings). Still, he’s living proof that strategy is more important than individual stocks.
  • European DGI shares much in common with Mike: a long-term perspective, a clear investment strategy, and a focus on the investment thesis. Mike loved his letter to shareholders approach.
  • Newcomer Investor, Anthony, is in his twenties and has no financial background, but still had the guts to put himself out. He inspired Mike with his freah ideas and values for his age.

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While not a true guest, it was fun to get to know Vero more and to learn about her investment approach.

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