Dividend Growth Investing with European DGI [Podcast]



European DGI shares much in common with Mike: a long-term perspective, a clear investment strategy, and a focus on the investment thesis. Still, a similar investment strategy can be interpreted differently; this episode has concrete examples. Here’s an exciting chat between two passionate investors on Dividend Growth Investing and some of their favorite picks.

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You’ll Learn

  • EDGI started investing in 2014 and already has about 45% of his expenses covered by dividend income. All this was triggered by a calculation tool and the desire to quit the rat race.
  • European DGI experienced poverty during childhood, shaping his view of life and happiness.
  • Mike wonders what’s EDGI savings rate and how he deals with it during high inflation and high-interest times.
  • EDGI describes one of his favorite stocks, ASML, and shares its competitive advantages and risks.
  • Mike and EDGI share their views on Intel (INTC) and the reasons to sell a stock.
  • An investing mistake led European DGI to write an investment thesis for each of his holdings. He also developed an exciting way to review his portfolio annually by writing a letter to his shareholders: his family.
  • Measuring organic growth from his portfolio made EDGI learn great lessons that give him a clear picture of where he’s at with his goals.
  • EDGI and Mike see similar traits in their portfolio classification: one divides it by tiers, and the other uses categories. In both cases, it helps assess and manage risk in one’s portfolio.
  • Mike asks questions received from Twitter followers: Dividend Talk, Brandon, Marco, and Jeff. These lead them to discuss their favorite stocks: ASML, ADRNY, ATD.TO, Canadian Banks, and the number of holdings in EDGI’s portfolio.

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