Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Investing [Podcast]

It’s been 20 years since Mike started investing! However, dividend growth stocks were not his first choice. Today, we look back and discuss what he wishes he knew when he started 20 years ago. Do you share some lessons in common? Let us know what you’ve learned as an investor

7 Reasons We End Up With Loser Stocks, What To Do About It

So, you have stocks in your portfolio whose value has dropped. It happens to all of us. No sense beating yourself up about it. This does not mean that it’s OK to ignore them. What you must do is find out why your losers are, well, losing. The reasons will help you decide what to do

Things Investors Do That Drive Me Crazy [Podcast]

While Mike loves to help other investors, patience is not necessarily his virtue. Sometimes, he wonders why investors do what they do… not because he believes he knows it all, but rather because he has strong conviction. Let’s put that to the test today and see how good