What is Total Return and Why Does it Matter [Podcast]

We have often heard Mike say that he has a total return approach. But what does it really mean? What’s the total return’s definition and role? And if Mike focuses on total return, why doesn’t he pick companies showing higher capital gains that don’t pay dividends? All t

Things Investors Do That Drive Me Crazy [Podcast]

While Mike loves to help other investors, patience is not necessarily his virtue. Sometimes, he wonders why investors do what they do… not because he believes he knows it all, but rather because he has strong conviction. Let’s put that to the test today and see how good

FIRE and Dividend Investing with Bob Lai Aka Tawcan [Podcast]

Bob Lai, from Tawcan, is a Canadian dividend investor who chronicles his quest for financial independence and joyful life. He and his wife started building their dividend portfolio in 2011 after a financial epiphany. Today, their portfolio generates over $3,400 in dividends per mon