Best Income Stocks 2024 – Part 2 [Podcast]

What are the Best Income Stocks in Canada? This is what we’ll cover in this part 2! After a few words about high yielders, we’ll investigate 8 companies in 5 sectors. Which one is on your buy list? Looking for more ideas? We have a Top Stocks for 2024 Booklet with three

The Best Canadian Aristocrats [Podcast]

The Canadian Aristocrats are different from the US: the company must increase its dividends for only 5 consecutive years… among other lower requirements! Still, many are blue chips, tied to classic Canadian sectors (banks, telcos, energy) that Americans can also benefit from.

Dividend Growth Investing with European DGI [Podcast]

European DGI shares much in common with Mike: a long-term perspective, a clear investment strategy, and a focus on the investment thesis. Still, a similar investment strategy can be interpreted differently; this episode has concrete examples. Here’s an exciting chat between t

Changing the Narrative: New Black x Tech Stock Photo Collection

Automattic’s Cocoamattic ERG Partners with to release a collection of 90+ images featuring Black people interacting with technology.