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It’s been a few months that we didn’t have a guest on the show, and today is the day! We welcome Kyle Prevost, a personal finance teacher and an online entrepreneur. He is well-known for his blog Million Dollar Journey and the Financial Canadian Summit. Today, he shares his life as an expat, his thoughts on retirement and annuities, and presents us with his new course, Worry-Free Retirement. Have a listen; it’s worth the time!

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You’ll Learn

  • Kyle and Mike have known each other for a long time: when Kyle wrote content on Canadian dividends about 15 years ago. Kyle goes back to his online debut and experience as a Manitoba teacher.
  • About three years ago, life changed greatly for Kyle and his wife as they became expats. The teacher shares his experience managing taxes, income, and investments while enjoying the international scene.
  • Mike wonders how he managed a full-time job and businesses while away. Kyle describes that time as intense but feasible due to the online focus of his businesses.
  • The last years and the spare time brought by COVID-19 led Kyle to become an experienced online educator and then create a complete course on retirement for Canadians called Worry-Free Retirement. He explains how his parents’ situation inspired and motivated him to bring this financial literacy to the average Canadian getting closer to retirement.
  • The teacher explains the benefits of such a course with examples that lead to an interesting discussion about annuities. To him, they can act as a defined benefit pension plan.
  • Mike and Kyle end the show by insisting that financial education is a real peace of mind at retirement.

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