Our Itinerary First Draft!

Since the beginning of the year, my wife and I are constantly working on the project of our lives; sell everything to travel across North and Central America with our children. Two weeks ago, we made another big step by putting our house up for sale. Since we plan to leave sometime in

Lockheed Martin Nice Run, But What’s Left?

Summary: The stock is up 123% over the past 5 years, excluding a juicy dividend Dividend is growing at a 18.60% annualized rate for the past 5 years After recent earrings, the stock is down. Is there anything left?   Dividend Stocks Rock Quick Stats Sector: Industrial, Aerospace

Emotion Creates the Motion

Emotion Creates the Motion Have you heard that somewhere? I know, the real official quote is the opposite (motion creates emotion) and it comes from Boiler Room:     It seems a bit simplistic; but I believe emotion creates the motion. I believe one can change his future if h

New Theme: Gazette

Introducing Gazette, a minimalist magazine-style theme available for free.

Stock Valuation – The Mystery of the Discounted Rate

After offering the Dividend Toolkit at a rebate for the whole month of April, I’ve had many questions about stock valuation, most precisely about the discount rate. The discount rate is used to determine a stock value through the Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) model and the Dividend Disco

There are 3 Words in Dividend Growth

I decided I didn’t have enough from the article I wrote last week about dividend reports. Last week, I knew I was opening a can of worm when I wrote that I don’t understand the importance of tracking my dividend income on a monthly basis. While the discussion was very interesting on t

All WordPress.com Sites Protected Against Zero Day Vulnerability

Akismet is protecting all WordPress.com sites against the Zero Day XSS vulnerability.

How to Handle the Currency Factor

You may not know this, but I have a pretty diverse readership. Roughly 44% of my readers are Americans, 40% is Canadian and 6% coming from Europe. Over the past three years, there was a major concern all readers shared with me; the currency factor. Each time there are important curren

Ensuring Your Site is Mobile-Friendly

Here's how to make sure your site is ready for Google's algorithm changes.

What to Do with this Cash in your Investing Account?

The stock market is trading at its highest level ever; valuation multiples are increasing, it almost smells like food burning in the oven if you ask the “Swan Fans”. I get the following question from my readers almost daily of late: “I’ve an important sum of money sleeping in my cash