[Podcast] DGB 07: Get the Best of Each Sector Series – Communication and Financial Services


When thinking about the Communication Services sector, telecoms instantly come to mind. In the Financial Services, we can’t help stating banks! Yet, these sectors have evolved in recent years with new players coming in. How did it change them, and how to get the best of them?

Know which glasses you must put on to look at the Communication and the Financial Services!

You’ll Learn

  • How “Tech” Companies in the Communication Services impacted the sector.
  • Why you should consider telecoms in your retirement portfolio.
  • Why Canadian stocks in both sectors are good options for any investor.
  • What you can expect from Canadian Banks.
  • How asset managers and insurance companies have evolved.
  • Strenghts and weaknesses of both sectors and how to get the best from them.
  • More about Mike’s favorite picks: Telus, BCE, AT&T, Royal Bank, National Bank, Visa and BLK.

Communication Services Sub-Sectors (Industries)

As they can be hard to memorize from the podcast, here are Communication Services sub-sectors. I’ve also covered the sector in this post.

Financial Services Sub-Sectors (Industries)

Now, let’s review the Financial Services Sub-Sectors. You can also access parts of the content covered on this sector here.

Related Videos

During the podcast episode, Mike and Vero mentioned many stock picks that Mike recently discussed in more details on his YouTube Channel. You can watch them right below. The first two are about Mike’s favorite telecoms and then you’ll get the most recent quarter review for Canadian banks.

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