Leveraged Money is just an Illusion

Now that the situation in Greece is put back on the oxygen mask for a while, I’ve been reading a lot about the potential contamination problems we could face with regards to Chinese market situation. If you have been following global economic news, you definitely noticed how bad the C

Financial Preparation for our RV Trip

Almost every week, I’m trying to update you with what we have done so far with regards to our 12 month RV trip across Central and North America in 2016. So far, very few people around me know about my project. Besides my family and close friends, nobody is aware of what we do. I [R

BoardWalk Vs Rio Can

Since the Canadian interest rate environment will continue to be as exciting as a worm race across the garden, I thought of revisiting a two very popular Canadian REITs. Boardwalk REIT (BEI.UN) RioCan REIT (REI.UN) Canadian REITs have been a strong source of steady income for investor

What Happens in Greece will Stay in Greece

In today’s post, I’m not going to write a lengthy post about the recent events in Greece and speculate on what will happen next. Each day, I receive about 25 pages worth of data and analysis about what is happening in Greece and it keeps my mornings entertaining, but that’s about it.

Heading to BlogHer ’15? So are we!

If you'll be at BlogHer's annual conference in New York City this week, we'd love to say hello.

10 of my Favorite Dividend Growth Stocks Trading at a Discount

Believe it or not, there are still bargains on the market With the volatility increasing lately and the fact that I’ve been running stock analyses right, left and center since January, I thought of making a list of 10 of my favorite stocks that are currently trading under their intrin

Our World Through a Lens: Photography Blogs to Follow Now

A collection of photography blogs and websites capturing the richness of our world, one stunning snapshot at a time.

20 Strong Dividend Growth Stocks – Rock Solid Ranking Free Report

Last year, I created the Rock Solid Ranking, a dynamic stock ranking list that shows a value for each dividend stock I follow. I’ve worked on calculations that consider several metrics in order to find the best companies among all those on the stock market. This list is particularly u

Our First Real RV Test

Life is full of surprises… As I mentioned last Friday, I took a few days off to go on our first “official” RV trip. Since I’m planning to live in the RV for 12 months next year, I have to do some training first. This is why we have several small trips planned this summer. […]

What is Going to Happen With Dividend Stocks When Interest Rates Will Rise?

Black Swan fans are always looking for the next bubble to burst Here’s a theory for Black Swan fans; dividend stocks are the next bubble to burst and it will happen at the moment interest rates will rise.   Supporting the Theory Since 2008, interest rates have dropped to the lowe