Are We Heading for a Negative Year on the Stock Market?

I seldom look at the overall stock market to see how it is going. I read the daily headlines, but rarely take a look back since January to see what has happened on the stock market. I would rather look at my own portfolio to see how to improve it this year instead of looking […]

Do You Live to Pay Your Mortgage?

We had quite a busy weekend last week. On Friday, we had dinner with friends for my birthday and on Saturday we had our soccer team party finishing with… nothing but a great game for the Montreal Impact who won 3-0 under heavy rain. To finish this weekend, we spent our Sunday as a fam

Interest Rates & 3 Dividend Stock Opportunities

September is the month of rising interest rates. After a long wait over summer time, the FED met once again on September 17th, 2015 and decided to…NOT increase the overnight interest rate. Nonetheless, it is still a matter of time until rates increase. It would be naive to think we ca

In the Search for Optimal Numbers of Stocks in your Portfolio Part 3

Last week, I asked 11 dividend bloggers 6 questions to learn more about their portfolio and investment strategies. You can read Part#1 and Part#2 if you have missed them. I thought it would only be fair for everybody to share my own perception of how many shares to manage in a dividen

In the Search for Optimal Numbers of Stocks in your Portfolio Part 2

Following Monday’s article here are the answers from 6 other generous participants:   Dividend Life #1 What is the size of your portfolio, Dividend Life? Size as in value? I hold both individual stocks and mutual funds. The individual stock portion is $35,376 as of end of June an

In the Search for Optimal Numbers of Stocks in your Portfolio Part 1

Each week, I read numerous dividend investing blogs. Most of them are authored by savvy investors who have been following their own dividend investing strategies. What is amazing about investing is that there isn’t a single strategy that trumps all the others. There are many ways to m

Engineering Happiness in Brazil: WordCamp Rio de Janeiro and beyond

Karen Arnold and Erica Varlese work on the Happiness Hiring team at Automattic, where they hire new Happiness Engineers who support users on and Automattic products. They met with the Brazilian WordPress community last week and wanted to share their experiences. On Augus

What Would You Do With 50K?

I’m now two weeks away from officially selling my house and 6 weeks away from cashing in my cheque from the lawyer’s office. Now that I have the final amount for my house, I can start making some calculations! Following my original plan, I will pay off my debts. However, I have decide

A Niche of Their Own: Five Sites to Check Out Today

A look at bloggers who find their audience by doing one thing (really, really) well.

Dividend Stocks Do Worse

We often say 1 images worth a thousand words: It’s a fact that dividend stocks have done worse than indexes since the beginning of the year. How can this be possible? Aren’t we suppose to invest in dividend stocks to avoid high volatility and because they perform better in bearish mar