What 10 Years of Data Shows About High Yield and Low Yield Dividend Stocks

Last week, I started some work on the difference between a low yield and high yield portfolio. My first conclusion was that for a limited investment horizon (less than 20 years), the high yield portfolio seems to be the better option. In other words, this is a good rationale for retir

Low Oil Prices lends to 10 High Dividend Yielding Stocks

Since June 2014, the price of a barrel of oil has taken a bit hit. When such things happen, the stock market reacts quickly and penalizes companies in this industry. We saw what happened back in 2008 with banks, this time, the oil industry is hit. But there is a very good news coming

Longreads’ Best of WordPress, Vol. 10

Seven great interviews from across all of WordPress, featuring Drunk Austen, Guernica, Rookie, and more.

New theme: Poly

It’s Theme Thursday! We’re happy to introduce an amazing new premium theme: Poly. Designed by the talented Justin Carroll, Poly is a colorful theme that features a dynamic grid layout perfect for artists, photographers, and anyone with a love for strong visuals. Options galore P

High Yield Dividend Stocks It’s Always a Good Pick When The Market is Bullish

On Monday, I published an important compilation of strong dividend stocks per sectors. In total, I listed 390 dividend stocks in 11 charts for both American and Canadian markets. When I first started to work on this article, I thought of listing all dividend stocks and simply class