Get Dividends Every Month with These Canadian Stocks

Get dividends every month! What better way to enjoy a stress-free retirement or to draw an income while travelling the world. Canadian stocks paying dividends every month offer the convenience of monthly income. Budgeting, paying monthly bills, and planning just get much easier. Mo

Low Yield, High Growth Stocks for your Retirement

Dividend investors, do yourselves a favor, consider low yield, high growth stocks for your retirement. See how focusing on dividend yield alone can cost you a lot. A widely held belief is that we need to build a high-yield portfolio for our retirement, then live off the dividend pa

Generate Enough Retirement Income from Your Portfolio

When planning for retirement, you want to be sure you’ll generate enough retirement income from your portfolio. As you retire, you still have plenty of years ahead of you. Let’s make sure you don’t outlive your portfolio, shall we? There are two ways to generate income from your po

3 D’s of Retirement: Dividend Yield, Dividend Safety, Dividend Income [Podcast]

We hit three aspects of dividend investing crucial for many retirees: Dividend Yield, Dividend Safety, and Dividend Income. We’ll go through what they really mean, their role in one’s portfolio, which metrics to follow and how to improve or protect them. Improve your Portfoli

How Yarnnakarn Ceramics Uses to Expand Their Business

Our community team recently traveled to Bangkok, Thailand to meet with longtime customers Karin and Nok Phisolyabut. They’re the owners of Yarnnakarn, a small arts and crafts studio that specializes in telling stories through contemporary ceramic pieces. Part of wh

Beware of Those Mistakes at Retirement [Podcast]

We all make mistakes. But what if you could avoid some by identifying them before it’s too late? Here are common mistakes retirees do with their portfolio, why they harm your retirement plan and what you can do to avoid them. Download the Enbridge and TC Energy Full Report fo

Changes I’ll Do with My Portfolio at Retirement [Podcast]

Portfolio management at retirement seems to be a concern for many investors. And while every situation is unique, we thought of going through the changes Mike will personally do when the time comes. This should give our listeners the points they should consider when starting to dra

FIRE, Fat FIRE, or Lifestyle Design [Podcast]

Most people retire at around 60-65 years old. Many investors know about the FIRE movement but might find it hard to achieve. But did you ever think about your own retirement design? What are the pros and cons of each option and which one is best suited for you? And what’s the