The Bond that Will Kill You

What’s the worst thing that could happen to a retiree?   a)      2 golf balls in the lake the same day b)      A Barista at Starbucks putting cinnamon topping with whole milk on his Non-Fat Vanilla Latte c)       Outliving his savings   Once you retire, it’s finally time to

Massive Cash Movement Outside Bonds – What’s In It For You?

    Have you noticed the latest trend in the markets lately? Bonds are not the employee of the month anymore. In fact, it’s not just about bonds not paying low interest rates anymore; we see massive cash movements leaving the bond market. Not a believer? Here’s what’s hap

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    On Monday, I discussed several ways you can fund your retirement. You can hide under a rock and think the Gov’t will pay you, or you can face the truth and build your own plan. This retirement plan will have to be based on solid ground: sound investments (such as divi