How to start an education fund for your kids

How can I pay for my children’s tuition fee? This is a question we often ask ourselves when we see our kids blowing their candles on their 16th birthday (like it or not, they will still accept candles if they get a bigger piece of the cake!). At that point, it is sometimes too late

Robo Advisors – Is this the perfect solution

About a decade ago, a weird beast was created on the stock market. A new type of investment product called the Exchange Traded Fund, mostly known by its abbreviation; ETF. Many financial institutions started by laughing and denigrating ETFs to dissuade investors from leaving their exp

Your Site, Now in Other Languages: Introducing the Google Translate Widget

In a single click, translate your site content into 100+ languages.

My Favorite Tool for Dividend Stock Valuation at 50% Rebate… Until Monday Midnight!

As you know, I’m currently travelling with my family across Central America countries for one year. 100% of my income is coming from my websites. The reason that I’m able to finance my trip through my investing website is that I offer great quality and I’m fully comm

Back to School; The DSR Dividend Growth Investing Course Launches Again This September!

Back in May 2016, I’ve launched the DSR Dividend Growth Investing course. This is a 30 days email course including a complete step-by-step methods covering the following points: Building a stress-free investment process making buy & sell decisions easy; Finding strong dividend gro

If I Was Starting Investing Today for The First Time

I still remember the very first time I traded on the stock market. I was so excited and at the same time convinced it was the beginning of a great series of successes. This was back in 2003. I had borrowed from a line of credit in the amount of $20,000. I told my girlfriend […] by the Numbers: The March Hot List

Another month is in the books! The community made March a month to remember with an avalanche of great achievements. Here's a look at some of the highlights.

Build an Investment Strategy Step #2 Risk Tolerance

    Last week, I started a new investment series called “Build an Investment Strategy”. All my readers have made at least one trade in their broker account, but it doesn’t mean they have a solid investment strategy. It goes far beyond a simple set of ratios and metrics th

How Do You Build an Investment Strategy and Here’s My Model to find Yours

    Money is definitely the biggest taboo these days. People never talk about how much they make or how much they owe. Nonetheless, the place where information leaks is probably when we talk about investments and when someone was successful with his latest trades. You wil

Blogging Through Breast Cancer

Young women with high cancer risk and early-onset breast cancer blog their way through diagnosis and treatment with humor, strength, and grace.