Top 6 Stocks for 2022 [Podcast]


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Which stocks should outperform the market this year? Today, we cover six of Mike’s favorite stocks for 2022, including two U.S. growth stocks, two Canadian ones, and also two speculative plays.

Discover Lockheed Martin (LMT), McCormick and Co (MKC), Open Text (OTEX/OTEX.TO), Goeasy (GSY.TO), Topaz Energy (TPZ.TO), and Pinnacle West (PNW).

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You’ll Learn

  • 03:28 Mike has been doing this Top Stocks for the Year at DSR for many years. But how are his results so far, especially for his 2021 picks?
  • 10:10 How Lockheed Martin’s leadership, great yield, dividend growth, and other ratios have made the company deserve a place in this top list.
  • 12:20 McCormick and Co is the perfect example of a business you don’t hear about, but that you use daily. Learn why Mike thinks it can exciting!
  • 15:48 While Open Text’s huge growth is behind, the company shows a solid business model that deserves investors’ attention. 
  • 18: 28 Mike was highly skeptical about Goeasy when he first heard about it. However, the company has shown its resiliency over the years and seems to still have some room for growth.
  • 22:06 What a speculative play is exactly?
  • 26:37 Mike is not a fan of the energy sector, but Topaz Energy still made up to the top picks! Here’s why!
  • 30:10 How long should you keep a speculative play in your portfolio?
  • 31:35 Pinnacle West is a classic utility: gas, coal, renewable and nuclear energy that could go back up in 2022!

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During the episode, Mike mentioned Activision Blizzard (ATVI). As you doubt, this was pre-recorded. On January 18th, Microsoft announced that it was buying ATVI for $95/share. We therefore issued our related video on the same day. You can also read more about that news on Seeking Alpha.

You can see more graphs and dates on Goeasy (GSY.TO) right below!

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