The Top 20 Most Powerful Dividend Stocks to Buy Now




Last week, I gave as much detail as possible on my dividend growth model. The goal of this model is to build a ranking where all companies would be evaluated based upon several criteria. This leads to The Rock Solid Ranking available exclusively at Dividend Stocks Rock. But I also wanted to share a bit of this ranking with the top 20 most powerful dividend stocks to buy now for your portfolio.


Since the ranking is based on fundamentals but also on the current stock value, the top 20 is definitely showing the most powerful dividend payers that are traded at an attractive price. They are not necessarily trading at a bargain price, but our model penalizes companies trading at premium. Since the difference between the top 20 and the next 50 is only a few points, I know these companies are high value dividend stocks.


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As you know already, things are changing very fast on the stock market. Within a couple of months, this list will be outdated and won’t mean much. This is why we run our algorithm each week and provide a fresh ranking of all stocks in our universe; thats over 400 stocks included in our ranking. We also follow our results and keep improving our algorithm to create the most accurate ranking possible. We already take into consideration twelve metrics with different weights.


The ranking is available at all time on my new site;  Dividend Stocks Rock where you can also find my 10 portfolio models, 8 dividend stock lists and my bi-weekly premium investing newsletter. This website is built to improve your portfolio management skills & productivity. We all know you should spend your Sunday afternoons looking at your investments, and we all know you don’t do it. Let us do it for you and enjoy the free time + the investment return with Dividend Stocks Rock. We are currently offering this service at the very low price of $149.95 for a 1 year membership.


So, what do you think of the ranking? Any surprises?


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