Pros and Cons of a Rating System [Podcast]



Rating systems are great. They simplify things and give investors a quick overview of their portfolios. But it doesn’t consider your perception or goals. Knowing the pros and cons of a rating system will help you understand its role and limits. Let’s get started!

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You’ll Learn

  • We start the episode by giving concrete examples of a rating system: The DSR PRO Rating and Dividend Safety Score. What do they mean, and how do we use them? This sets the context and gives listeners an idea of what should their own ratings be based on.
  • Rating your holdings can help you create categories in your portfolio, such as core holdings, educated guesses, and falling knives.
  • This will help investors easily identify problems and ease their buy & sell decisions. Mike explains how.
  • Is the rating system time-sensitive? How many times a year should you revise it? What kinds of news should influence your rankings?
  • There are many good free stock screeners available. However, following too many can get really confusing.
  • Mike ends the episode by summarizing the pros and cons of a rating system.

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