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Some of the best photographers and professional photo organizations maintain their homes on WordPress.com. See the world through their eyes.

Paul Zizka at Paul Zizka Photography

Paul Zizka is a professional mountain landscape and adventure photographer based in Banff, Alberta. His photographs celebrate the power and beauty of the outdoors, from the sprawling backcountry of Canada to hard-to-access locations in the wilderness. His night landscapes are spectacular.

Haffner Creek, Kootenay National Park.

Haffner Creek, Kootenay National Park, Canada.

Emerald Lake, Canada.

Emerald Lake, Canada.

Susan Portnoy at The Insatiable Traveler

Travel photographer Susan Portnoy focuses on wildlife and indigenous cultures and contributes to various outlets, including Yahoo Travel. She’s based in New York, but as her readers know, she’s usually off exploring a faraway destination. Her recent photo essays from Namibia on her blog, The Insatiable Traveler, are worth a peek.

Himba toddlers in their village near Serra Cafema Camp, Namibia.

Himba toddlers in their village near Serra Cafema Camp, Namibia.

Susan Portnoy-Elephants

A pair of elephants, intertwined.

AP Images Spotlight

AP Images Spotlight shares standout photographs from the Associated Press’ massive collection of images taken from every corner of the world. Browse the Photos of the Day category, which curates timely images from AP photographers across the globe, or enjoy more in-depth photo essays on anything from graffiti in Athens commenting on Greece’s economic crisis to refugees fleeing Burundi to escape ongoing violence.

The homepage of AP Images Spotlight.

The homepage of AP Images Spotlight.

Aaron Joel Santos at From Swerve of Shore

Aaron Joel Santos is an editorial and documentary photographer who shoots for publications like the New York Times and TIME and covers a wide range of subjects, from landscapes and portraits to fashion and weddings. You’ll get a taste of his sophisticated yet edgy style on his personal blog, From Swerve of Shore. Over the years, he’s wowed us with his images of Southeast Asia — especially Hanoi, Vietnam — and we always look forward to what’s next.

A farmer burning off crop residue to prepare for the post-flood planting season in Hanoi, Vietnam.

A farmer burning off crop residue in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Various photographs from Hanoi, Vietnam.

Various photographs from Hanoi, Vietnam.

Stephanie Dandan at Infinite Satori

We’ve highlighted Stephanie Dandan at Infinite Satori before, but she’s continued to inspire us with her adventures in the Philippines, Cambodia, and currently Australia. She captures the fleeting and serendipitous moments of travel, where at times it feels like you’re awake in a dream.

Hot air balloons in Bagan, Myanmar.

Hot air balloons in Bagan, Myanmar.


Swimming hole and waterfall in Cambodia.

The Fujifilm Blog

Managed by Fujifilm UK’s digital camera team, the Fujifilm Blog publishes tutorials (from understanding depth of field to the Rule of Thirds), spotlights on Fujifilm X-Photographers around the world, and guest features offering glimpses into photographers’ creative processes.

Cuba, X-Photographer Chris Upton.

A group portrait from Cuba, by Fujifilm X-Photographer Chris Upton at chrisuptonphotography.com.

Goats of Triund Hill in the Himalayas, by Fujifilm X-Photographer Danny Fernandez.

Goats of Triund Hill in the Himalayas, by Fujifilm X-Photographer Danny Fernandez at dannyfernandez.co.uk.

David Feuillatre at David with a Movie Camera

After spending years working on visual effects in the film industry, filmmaker and photographer David Feuillatre decided to leave Vancouver, British Columbia, to travel the world, meet new people, and tell their stories. On his blog, David with a Movie Camera, he publishes videos of his encounters along the way, and posts images of vibrant scenes and portraits. Under the Countries tab in his menu, you’ll find photographs by location — Israel, Palestine, Jordan, and India.

Jalgaon, Maharashtra, India.

Jalgaon, Maharashtra, India.

Jewish Quarter, Jerusalem.

Jewish Quarter, Jerusalem.

Flickr Blog

Flickr blog

The blog of Flickr features the best from the online photo management and sharing site, from curated collections (flags around the world) to photographer features (Canadian photographer Erik Peterson in Tashkent, Uzbekistan). The community-fostering weekly themes (Flickr Friday, Twitter Tuesday) make you want to grab your camera and get shooting.

Looking for more inspiration? Browse the Photography tag in your Reader or join the current Weekly Photo Challenge at The Daily Post.

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