My Favorite Tool for Dividend Stock Valuation at 50% Rebate… Until Monday Midnight!

As you know, I’m currently travelling with my family across Central America countries for one year. 100% of my income is coming from my websites. The reason that I’m able to finance my trip through my investing website is that I offer great quality and I’m fully committed to my readers.
Over the past six years, I’ve purchased this blog, built a unique dividend investing platform (DSR) and bought The Dividend Monk. When I bought the Dividend Monk back in March 2015, I did it for a very specific reason; because The Dividend Monk created the most useful tool to determine a dividend stock fair price. The easy-to-use calculation spreadsheet comes with a very detailed eBook explaining how to perform strong and sound stock analysis. This resource is called the Dividend Toolkit.

The Dividend Toolkit includes two components:

1) The 200 page PDF Stock Analysis Guide for individual investors, which describes the extremely efficient method to analyze a dividend stock, how to build and manage a dividend portfolio, and what you need to know about MLPs, REITs, and asset allocation. It offers plenty of content, but is divided into modular sections so that it’s easy to read through. The first chunk of the book is introductory content for new investors, and the later part of the book gets into the useful specifics. Even if you rely on newsletters or blogs for your stock ideas, this guide will give you a deeper understanding of your investments and will give you specific tools to check the accuracy of any stock ideas that you’re given.

2) The Valuation Spreadsheet File, which contains a streamlined and easy-to-use tool to instantly calculate the intrinsic value of a stock. Unlike many financial books that give equations without an efficient way to use them, this book comes with the the tool to apply the specific concepts in the book. It has a few different options, including the Dividend Discount Model, so that you can calculate the fair value to pay for any stock.


Black Friday 50% Rebate

Since its creation in 2012, The Dividend Toolkit was downloaded several thousand times. The Toolkit usually retails for $19.95 USD but I offer a 50% rebate to bring it down to $9.95 for the package during the Black Friday weekend… this ends Monday at midnight!

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