Lessons From A Market Crash [Podcast]


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It’s no surprise now, the pandemic greatly affected our lives. But how did it impact the stock market? What are the lessons an investor should have learned from it? How to react to an unpredictable event such as a market crash?

Today, we answer these questions by sharing 7 pieces of advice inspired by Mike’s experience as an investor and as a former financial planner.

You’ll Learn

  • What’s the difference between a market crash and a bear market.
  • What are market cycles and how they will affect your portfolio.
  • Why investing in gold is not a recession-proof solution.
  • When a crash hits the market, is it a good thing to do nothing?
  • Why waiting for a clear oppotunity in the market leads to paralysis by analysis.
  • Why knowing your risk tolerance is crucial.
  • How dividend growers act as a good protection against market crashes.
  • The importance of sticking to your plan.

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In this video, Mike has been asked: what’s going to happen with the stock market in the next months and how an investor should react? Should he cash up part of his profit and secure his portfolio to wait for the next crash?

This is a great adding to the last lesson discussed in the podcast episode above.

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