The Dividend Growth Investing Course Launches Now!




Throughout the past few months, I’ve been in contact with people like you who read my blog and have questions about investing. I love to chat about investing strategy and the stock market in general (if you ever want to chat, just hit the reply button at any time!). One question that keeps coming back each week (almost daily) is when should I buy or when should I sell?

This is probably the investor’s biggest dilemma. Each time there are fluctuations on the stock market, investors put some of their money (or all their money) on the sideline. Maybe you are in this situation; waiting for the right moment to enter the stock market again. You are continuously looking for the right timing but doubt is your biggest enemy. Therefore, you let weeks and months pass by and you still have money waiting to grow.

Some of you are stuck in another situation. They have holdings they don’t know what to do with. Some companies shares have soared and you wonder if you should take out your profit or keep riding the wave. You also probably have a loser or two in your portfolio. Should you let them go and make another purchase or should you wait as the stock may rebound?

Either you are wondering if you should buy now or if you should sell, let’s agree that investing is not easy. It requires that the investor be methodical and patient in order to reach your goals.

Having these issues in mind, I have decided to work on a special course to help investors find great companies to buy and identify their selling points. I spent the past 6 months working on this course resulting in a series of 8 to 10 emails over a 30 day period. This is how I created the DSR Dividend Growth Investing Course. During these 30 days, you will…

  • Follow me in my step-by-step method as I screen the market in search of potential buys;
  • Receive exclusive real-time dividend growth stocks lists including several metrics;
  • Learn how to build your own stock list to be ready to make a move during market dips;
  • Build your own efficient stock analysis template;
  • Discover 12 to 15 companies with strong potential;
  • Get a bonus gift at mid-term of your course.



The goal of this course is to help you manage your dividend growth portfolio. You will receive information to help you build or improve your own dividend growth investing process. You will also have access to several dividend growth stock analyses to guide you in your next purchase. I wanted to make this course as accessible as possible; this is why the course is 100% free.

But there is a catch.  As the course is designed to have interaction between you and I, I’ve limited the number of registrations to 200 participants. I’m sending this email to roughly 15,000 readers (yeah it’s a lot of people… thank you for being part of an amazing group of investors!). I think it will fill today!!


The DSR Dividend Growth Investing Course Starts on May 2nd. Be sure to register today!



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