New Themes: Adaption and Isola


This week we’ve got two great free themes designed here at Automattic. How cool is that?


Adaption is a brand new free theme, designed by yours truly. This theme is flexible and adjusts itself for every aspect of your site — your content, your design, and the device you’re using. The focus is on your content, with full-width images and simple, supportive design elements, and the layout adapts with an optional third column that appears if you add widgets. Adaption truly adapts to make sure your readers get the best possible experience.


IsolaIsola gives you a fresh, clean slate to showcase your writing, photographs, or videos. Its primary menu and widget area are tucked behind a handy button, giving your content plenty of room to breathe and keeping it beautiful regardless of the device or screen size. Designed by Automattic’s own Joen Asmussen, Isola was inspired by a “less is more” philosophy and was influenced by mobile design patterns.

Both Adaption and Isola are free. Check out each theme’s showcase by clicking on its screenshot above, or preview it on your blog from Appearance ? Themes.

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