Introducing: Data for Breakfast!



The Data Team at Automattic is pleased to announce a new blog for everyone who loves data! Data for Breakfast will feature posts about our data stack, trends in usage, and whatever currently tickles our data fancy. We’re data scientists and engineers with a passion for our craft, and we’re starting this blog to share that passion with you!


In addition to blogging about data-powered features, like search and post recommendations, we’ll share insights we’ve learned from our robust social network.

Over 26% of the web is powered by WordPress! On an average day, the sites on alone stream about 1.5 billion events, and our largest Hadoop cluster does around 32TB of reads and writes. Our largest Elasticsearch cluster has 45 nodes and handles about 35 million queries on a daily basis. We’re continuously developing this data ecosystem, and we’ll share the journey with you.

Why the toaster?

The toaster was originally created by our team’s designer Jan Cavan Boulas as an exercise to illustrate her design process. When the team reacted so positively, she quickly iterated, adding the bimodal slice of toast. With the comment, “Data: it’s not a normal breakfast,” our logo was born!

So, if you like data, please join us for breakfast!

You can find Data for Breakfast at Interested in your own custom .blog domain? Apply for early access now!


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