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After creating The Rock Solid Ranking last week, we have created two 500K + portfolios for our membership website; Dividend Stocks Rock. They are under final review and will be published next week! Members now have access to:

The Rock Solid Ranking covering over 400 US and CDN stocks

8 Dividend Stocks Lists updated weekly

12 Real Life Dividend Portfolios tailored made according to the amount you want to invest and your risk profile

Premium bi-weekly investing newsletter (each issue is over 12 pages!)


In other words, by registering to Dividend Stocks Rock, you get everything you need to manage your dividend stock portfolio.


Check out Dividend Stocks Rock to seriously improve your portfolio.


What do Read this Weekend:


Readers disagreed with me as I claimed that China will hurt the stock market badly.


Passive income update @ Intelligent Speculator


Passive Income Earner has 50K to invest!


Investment failures @ Brick by Brick (we all have our stories…)


Dividend Growth Investor discusses the risk of being cocky


Jason tells us about his first $10,000 investment


Quarterly update @ Passive Income Pursuit


8 stocks raising dividend this week @ Dividend Growth Stocks


Dividend Stock Analysis


Dan Mac buys Target (TGT)

Baxter (BAX)  @ Dividend Engineering

McDonald’s (MCD) @ Dividend Ladder

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